3 Best Books For Your Bathroom

It’s not big, it’s not clever, but there’s a reason why everyone keeps a book in their bathroom – having a little light reading to keep you occupied while you’re, well, occupied, makes your daily ablutions a little more enjoyable. Plus, having a few easy-to-pick-up books in your loo means you’re not reduced to reading the backs of shampoo bottles if you forget to take your phone with you. These three books are easy to dip into – no bookmark required, and they’re so full of fascinating information that your family may wonder whether you’re quite all right in there.


A brilliant book, this, ideal for any fans of big-haired loudmouth rock bands or those with a love for the unusual – everything from AC/DC to Steppenwolf to ASIA is covered here, with every band arranged according to their perceived “weight”. Each entry consists of a brief, light-hearted overview of the band’s career (or lack thereof), along with some choice trivia and anecdotes. A great gift for fans of the genre!

What better book for the bathroom than one dedicated solely to its surroundings? Discover how and why the flush came to be invented, what exactly a “gong farmer” harvested, and bowlfuls of trivia about every aspect of your water closet. The more you learn about the ingenious inventions behind the modern bathroom the more you’ll appreciate it, and though your friends and family are more likely to be interested in whether you washed your hands than the highest ever toilet roll tower, you’ll still enjoy the time spent reading it.

It’s a classic, but the Guinness World Records book is a bathroom staple for a reason – mind-boggling facts and fascinating trivia sit side-by-side within its pages. The modern presentation makes it more engaging than ever, with data presented in charts and snapshot lists for easy comparison. The new book also features full-scale colour photos that catch the attention and keep it, meaning you’ll never be stuck for something interesting to read, just open it up and you’re bound to learn something amazing!

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