3 Mobile Apps That Can Boost Your Business

Marketing your business is something that is essential in order to get new clients.  When you create a successful marketing strategy which is constantly innovating and bringing in new customers your business will start to have a snowball effect.  The more customers that you bring in the more your snowball will keep gaining more and more inertia, growing in size.

With today’s modern advances in technology and the popularity of social networking, you can reach a large scale audience without the help of a team of marketing executives.  All it takes sometimes is the simple click of your phone.  Here are some of the best apps which you can market your business from all from the screen of your mobile phone.


Twitter is all about getting the message out to your audience in the smallest amount of words possible.  This kind of marketing is called microblogging.  Your audience will immediately receive a notification and see your post.  

This popular form of marketing is used by any respectable business. Having a Twitter account is standard as a company.  You can tweet about current events, whats going on with your business, or even just funny images or links depending on what kind of business you are in.

Twitter is ideal as a marketing tool for people who aren’t into too much hassle.  A quick few characters and words do the trick, making it possible to reach thousands to millions with only a few clicks.


Facebook is great for marketing your business since you have the option to run on a profile page and a fan page.  A fan page allows people to “like” your business giving you a foundation of fans.  The larger amount of a fan base that you have, the more credibility you have as an influencer in your market.

When potential clients visit your fan page and see likes in the thousands to hundreds of thousands to even millions then they take this as a direct reflection of how strong you are as a business. Putting a focus on increasing your fans will not only give you more visibility but also credibility in the long run.


Instagram was an app which was entirely image based originally and was used among friends to share snapshots of what they were currently up to.  Recently, however, it’s become a full on marketing platform which some businesses even use as their main marketing page.

Users are encouraged to like images, share, tag, and contribute content.  This interaction between business and client bridges the gap between the business feeling untouchable and inaccessible.  Creating a relationship with your clients through the interaction of a site like Instagram has changed the game as far as reaching out to an entirely new kind of audience.

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