3 Reasons You Need to Take Your Website’s Security Seriously

There’s a huge lack of understanding when it comes to website security. If you’ve had a website professionally created, it’s common and logical to assume that the developer would have put several security measures in place. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even if they have, there are other things you need to do to make sure your site is safe and secure. Why? Because if you don’t, you could soon end up saying goodbye to your business.


Here you’ll find just 3 reasons why you need to start taking your website’s security seriously.

  1. It will harm your brand reputation, eliminating consumer trust

No business can survive without customers. However, that’s exactly what you’ll end up with if one of them falls victim to fraud because your site wasn’t secure. You only have to look at high-profile companies that have made it into the media in previous years to realise how damaging a security breach can be. Simple measures, such as having an SSL certificate, can help to maintain consumer trust.

  1. It can damage critical business relationships

If your website isn’t safe and the worst does happen, it won’t just affect your relationship with your customers, it will affect those important business relationships too. You’re putting your business, your customers and other businesses at risk and they certainly won’t thank you for it! If a hacker manages to get malware installed on your site, that will then be passed to your customers, who will then unknowingly pass it on to other companies. It’s a nightmare that you don’t want to end up facing. So why take the risk?

Not sure how safe your site is? Get it checked over by a professional company like Nettitude. They’ll tell you exactly how secure the site is and whether anything needs to be done to improve it.

  1. It will damage you financially

If the thought of losing customers and damaging your reputation isn’t enough, how about the fact it could cost you financially? As well as the loss of profits caused by losing customers, you could also find yourself hit with huge fines. If legal action is taken against you, you’d end up having to pay high legal fees, as well as potentially large pay-outs if you’re found guilty.

As you can see, the consequences of not making sure your website is secure can be devastating for your business. Making your site secure and safe will really help to build up consumer trust and help you develop a stronger reputation.

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