4 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Online Survey Forms

Are you about to draft your online survey form? It could be that you are planning to start an online survey to gauge customer opinion for your upcoming Christmas collection. Well, whatever be the reason behind your survey, you have to be really proper with your online survey form. The post below highlights top survey mistakes to avoid in your online survey form.

Ignoring introduction & thank you

You can’t start your online survey form right away with the questions. There should be an introduction in the first part. The introduction will let your audience know about the purpose of the form and why their participation is important. An online survey form without introduction looks extremely unprofessional. And so a form without a “thank you” note. Your respondents have taken out their valuable time to answer your questions. You must be civil enough to show your gratitude to them.

Too long questionnaire

One of the biggest reasons behind declining participation in online surveys can be an extremely lengthy questionnaire. Do not bombard your respondents with too many questions. Stick only to questions that are necessary for your campaign. Your respondents are a busy bunch. They don’t have all the time in the world to fill your questionnaire. So, how many survey questions should you include? On an average, there should be no more than 10 questions. You have to make sure 90% of your online survey can be completed within 5 minutes.

Forgetting the “Other” option

Forgetting the “Other” option can make some of your respondents feel neglected whose options are not on your survey form

It may not be possible to give all the probable options for a particular question on your online survey form. For example, say you want to get a survey on the most popular cuisines in your city for your upcoming restaurant. Now, you can’t list all kinds of cuisines in the option. In that case, you will list down 3-4 popular names and then place a section called “Others”. This way, respondents who don’t find their favorite cuisine in the list can list that separately.

Double-ended questions

Double-ended questions are those that can have two possible answers. Such questions make the whole thing confusing for the respondent. These questions will also create trouble in times of data analysis. You have to provide such questions that can bring one definite answer from your respondent.

Count on an online survey form builder

Now, how to design your online survey form? Well, you will be glad to know you have online pollmaker software today that can help you to create online survey or poll forms without any sort of coding from your part. An online survey form maker like AidaForm comes with in-built templates that can be modified with the required questions and responsive sections you want in your survey. The form builder will add the form to your website instantly and can even share it on your social profiles. Besides, a good online survey form builder can integrate with an email marketing too you use. This way, it can send all the email addresses from your form responses to your email marketing tool to help you start your email marketing campaign straightaway.

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