4 Helpful Web Designing Tips Using Surface Pro 4

The release of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has been widely acknowledged by many from across the globe. With all its innovative specifications and features, it is truly one of the greatest tablets ever invented by far.


This latest tablet from Microsoft is an improved version of the Surface Pro 3 which is absolutely faster and more powerful. There are also a lot of things you can do through its own applications. You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at Harvey Norman and see how you can be more productive by simply using it.

In case you are into web designing, Surface Pro 4 can also be a useful tool for it. Here are some of the things that you need to familiarize yourself with when trying to design a website using this hybrid device:

Pen Tips

It is necessary that you know the different pen tips this tablet offers, which include 2H, H, HB, and B. Apparently, the tips are purchased separately from the pen itself. They are priced at $10. The B tip has the most grip on the screen, while the 2H is glassy. Additionally, the HB and H tips have the same feel like that of the Surface Pro 2 and 3 pens, respectively.

Pressure Sensitivity

It is worth noting that Surface Pro 4 has 1024-level pressure sensitivity. It is a great feature for you can work well on your projects with the help of this level of sensitivity in your tablet. You can control how you design a certain website and it will give you more power to do digital art as well.


One of the best features of the Surface Pro 4 is its tracking tool. This is not a surprise anymore because its predecessor’s tracking is also great. Whenever you use this one, it feels like you are using a real ballpoint pen on paper. It is totally accurate and spot-on when being used.

Screen Size & Thickness

The Surface Pro 4 is generally a large tablet, but is still easy to hold when the keyboard’s detached. It is something which you can enjoy carrying around wherever you go. You won’t be having hard time bringing it somewhere for portability is one of the tablet’s main features.

These four important things mentioned above must always be considered once you start using the Surface Pro 4 as a means to digitize art. You will surely be learning a lot from it and it will be an ideal companion in developing your digital designing abilities.

Nowadays, digital art is becoming in demand for most things are getting done through the use of technology. Thus, if you are deeply into it, the Surface Pro 4 is highly recommended for you. Since Microsoft has been known for its top-notch and innovative devices, this one won’t disappoint you at all. It is a stellar tablet that will help you enhance your web designing skills. It might not be your best choice, but it will aid you in improving on this craft day by day.

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