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4 Important Reasons to Commit to a Hardware Audit

Even small or medium sized businesses use plenty of IT hardware, and you should think about having a hardware audit if you’re unsure about the condition of all your gear. An IT hardware audit is easy enough to understand; it’s a full assessment of all hardware devices that form your computer network, including devices like routers, modems, and computers.

Here are just four reasons why you should have an IT hardware audit.

  1. Saves Money

By spending a little on an IT hardware audit, you could end up saving into the thousands in the long run. It’s common for businesses that haven’t developed a strong understanding of their IT network to use redundant equipment or upgrade hardware that doesn’t really need to be upgraded. A hardware audit can help you plan for future purchases.

  1. Improves Productivity

It’s amazing how easy it is to put up with outdated equipment. Over time, hardware starts to run less effectively, slowing down your system and reducing overall productivity. If you don’t stay on top of your hardware, you probably won’t even notice it happening. An IT audit will identify devices slowing your network down – once you replace them, you’ll be stunned by how much faster your system is running.

  1. Determines Value

If you want to properly report your insurance costs, you need to know the value of the devices you’re ensuring, and how can you do that if you’ve never had an audit? An IT professional will be able to provide an accurate value for all your equipment.

  1. Upgrades Peace of Mind

Using older hardware puts you at risk of security breaches since older hardware is generally easier to infiltrate. Even if you’re never subject to a cyberattack, an older piece of hardware could simply wear out, and that could mean anything from unacceptable downtime to serious data loss. An audit will identify any hardware that needs to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded.

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