4 Reasons Your Creative Business Needs an Instagram Account

As a business owner, if you’ve previously thought of Instagram (and social media) as just something for Millennials to use that isn’t appropriate for business use, it’s time to rethink that! Social media is a major force in marketing today, and people of all ages are using it to communicate and to share photographs and video content they find interesting. They’re also open to marketing approaches by brands wanting to get noticed. Smaller brands can take advantage of that opportunity too. Here are 4 reasons your creative business should have an Instagram account.

1.      Find More Customers Who Love What You Offer

The power of Instagram isn’t just that it’s used by hundreds of millions of people, but that they’re sharing and liking content based on hashtags. If you’re not aware, hashtags are a way to classify a message, photo or video posting into categories of interest. Content gets published using specific hashtags that Instagram users follow through their accounts. Companies have the ability to use the likes of this instagram followers app to then increase their followers and therefore the engagement on various content posts they share.

For instance, with a company that sells a badge making kit, promoting their products by posting on Instagram using the hashtag #badgepins will draw the attention of anyone who’s previously subscribed to or searches for new posts using that hashtag. In this way, the company doesn’t have to find potential new customers individually – new customers can find their business with close to zero marketing spend.

2.      Engage with Customers Where They’re Spending Time

People are using apps every day. They clock up hours on them. Even TV is being watched less in favour of smartphone use. For this reason, Instagram is excellent for engagement. In fact, Forrester Research discovered that Instagram is over 50 times more engaging for users than Facebook. Even Twitter lags way behind.

The power of the written word combined with pictures or video provides outstanding ways to connect with customers on a visual and emotional level. Nothing on social media is as powerful.

3.      Bring a Fresh Voice to Visual Creations

Whatever your business does, people want to know that there are real people behind the brand. Faceless brands aren’t as interesting as they once were. Also, potential customers are less intrigued by slick marketing compared to decades past. Now they crave authenticity.

Use Instagram to create a face and a voice of the brand. Use their social platform to make a connection by showing your enthusiasm for your products or services. Show why it matters to you and how it can be impactful in their lives too.

4.      Sell Through Instagram Posts

The photo/video sharing platform isn’t just for passive viewing; net savvy people are now looking to find interesting products and put their money where their eyeballs are. E-commerce with Instagram posts as the initial catalyst is on the rise.

Companies are no longer reliant on big spending through pricey marketing campaigns to get visitors to their website. Nor will they wait for Google to rank their new product months down the line. Instead, they’re taking advantage of Instagram to drive traffic to their site the day it’s released.

What does this mean for creative businesses? They can verify whether their new creative ideas are going to sell before they overly invest in them. And they can generate sales for new creations faster than ever before.

Instagram is as much for businesses as it is for consumers. There are many ways to use it profitably or simply to bring greater attention to the brand. Don’t miss out.

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