4 Ways Infographics Can Improve Your Marketing

Infographics are everywhere in recent years, and with good reasons – this visual approach to everything from statistics to sales is compelling for readers, informative, and can enhance the relationship between companies and clients. Among these varied purposes, marketing infographics stand out as unique, powering sales in a way that traditional catalogs or proposals may not.


If your company isn’t yet harnessing infographics for their marketing capacity, it’s time to enter the field. Here are 4 ways that a visual approach can improve your sales capacity and engage clients beyond a simple purchasing relationship.

Think About The Page

Although infographics are used online, it’s worth thinking about what works in print media when designing them. In particular, you may want to take into account the concept of the fold. In newspapers, you always want important articles placed above the fold where they’ll get more attention.

Online, the fold often translates to the area of a webpage you can see without having to scroll. Of course, this will vary depending on screen size and magnification, but you can make a smart calculation based on average use, allowing you to restrict the pixel size of the infographic appropriately. This will put the most important content above the conceptual fold, even if your full infographic is too large.

Learn Faster, Learn More

One of the main advantages of infographics is that visual representations of information are processed much more quickly than textual representations. This gives you an advantage in the sales sphere because customers comparing your products to a competitor that doesn’t use infographics are more likely to remember the advantages your company offers. The ability to process and retain more information from your infographic presentation will put your company at the forefront of their mind.

Boosting Your Brand

Not only do customers intake more information quickly when you use infographics, but infographics typically contain a higher degree of branding – such as your company’s logo and color schemes. This enhances long-term relationships between customers and your brand by impressing upon them key visual associations.

Travel The Web

While going viral may not be in your marketing strategy – we generally associate virality with videos of kittens or children dancing – spreading your product messaging far and wide is one of the advantages of using infographics. A well designed infographic can get picked up by a variety of sites, giving you access to an audience that might not otherwise be exposed to your product. Infographics have a life of their own that way.

When you use infographics as an extension of your marketing practices, you’ll be surprised at the results. By emphasizing your branding and highlighting product information in a visual format, you’ll create an undeniable impression on your intended audience – and maybe even beyond. That’s good for sales, now and in the long-run.

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