5 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

The vast majority of UK businesses now use at least one form of Cloud services. If your company is not yet doing so, or you’re considering a migration, here are five key benefits that could drive your decision.



As a business increases in size, its network and IT requirements inevitably grow with it, which can put a strain on resources both technological and human. Outsourcing storage of data and applications to a reputable Cloud provider gives peace of mind that there are teams of security professionals at hand able to cope with the range of threats out there, such as DDoS attacks, which could slip past an overstretched in-house IT team. Fast data recovery is essential to keeping your business competitive and productive.


There are unarguable financial benefits in migrating to the Cloud – providing your provision is well-managed, your business could benefit from immense economies of scale, and pay only for what it needs. Reducing Capex can also help to make major IT projects attractive to CFOs and investors.


Many businesses, particularly those operating in e-commerce, can struggle to cope with sometimes unpredictable fluctuations in traffic levels. When you host your website in the Cloud however, it means your IT team needn’t spend too much time worrying that the infrastructure is in place to deal with large volumes of visitors, or what to do with redundant infrastructure when traffic levels return to their normal levels.


With Cloud technologies, your employees can effectively collaborate with each other no matter where they are based in the world, so long as they have an internet connection. Remote working allows for happier, more flexible teams, and reduced expenditure on office rent and energy use. It boosts productivity, and allows businesses to access global talent.

Easier Maintenance

When you use Cloud-based software, all upgrades and patches are made automatically, dramatically cutting the amount of time your staff need to assign to it. Further, you can be confident that your business is always using the latest version of software, increasing your competitiveness in the marketplace.


Of course migration to the Cloud entirely is not suitable for every business – many prefer to keep certain applications, or sensitive data such as customer financial details, in-house. This is one reason that hybrid solutions are so useful. You can create your own IT environment, determining the arrangements that work best for your business.

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