5 Care Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin

When skincare is discussed, it often has to do with women’s skin, but what about men? Especially those men who have sensitive skin?


Men with sensitive skin may notice things like redness, irritation or dryness, particularly when you use a new product or one that seems to be highly scented. For men, shaving their face or even growing a beard can also irritate sensitive skin.

So what are the best tips for men who suffer from this issue?

Apply Moisturizer with Sun Protection Daily

People with sensitive skin also tend to have fair skin, and even if they don’t, the sun can cause added irritation. A good general skin care tip for not just men with sensitive skin, but any man who wants to protect his skin and ensure it looks its best is to protect it against damaging UV rays. Choose a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that has at least 15 SPF, and make it part of your routine to put it on every day before you head out the door. Even when you are wearing SPF on your face, it’s still a good idea to avoid the sun as much as possible. Sensitive skin tends to become overly dry very easily as the sun has a drying effect.

Avoid  Products with Alcohol

A lot of men’s skincare products including aftershaves, have a lot of alcohol in them, and this is one of the worst things you can put on sensitive skin. Look for alcohol-free products whenever possible. Another good labeling indicator that something is good for sensitive skin and likely doesn’t include alcohol is the word “hypoallergenic.” Additionally, many products with fragrances are going to contain alcohol, so you do want fragranced skin care product, look for options that are made from natural ingredients.

Keep Your Routine Simple

If you have sensitive skin, the simpler your care routine, the better. You don’t want to load your skin up with a plethora of products because this tends to be very irritating and it can be hard on your skin and lead to redness and irritation. Simplify your routine and stick to a gentle hypoallergenic cleanser and a moisturizer with sun protection if possible.

Choose a Quality Razor

When you have sensitive skin, it’s important to do your research and find a good razor that isn’t going to make the issue worse. Electric razors are actually ideal for sensitive skin because even though you might not as get as close a shave as you would with a blade, it’s a much gentler process for the facial skin.

Use Cooler Water

Using really hot water can do a number on your skin when it’s sensitive. Very hot water is irritating and drying, so try to take care of your facial skin with lukewarm or even cool water if you can stand out. As an added note, when you jump out of the shower, gently pat your face dry with a soft towel because even rough drying can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.

If you’re a man with skin that becomes easily irritated you’re not alone, and you’re also not stuck without a solution. The above tips are quick, easy ways to reduce irritation and prevent redness, drying and itchiness.

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