5 Deep Thoughts For Techie Gamers

Being a computer-based gamer is all about immersion in the culture and the technology. But, if you want a deeper experience in anything, you have to expand your timeline forward and backward – back to the past and then into the future with your predictions of potential entertainment and education.


So some deep thoughts for people who want to meld brains with the games they play either online or in solitude on their desktops might include considering a brief history of mainframe technology, pondering the puzzle of what the Internet is in the first place, tinkering with the idea of what will happen when technology’s progress slows down, thinking about practical skills developed while gaming, and thinking deeply about the future of programming and gaming.

What’s a Mainframe All About?

An incredible amount of basic hardwired infrastructure is based on mainframe computers. They’re like dinosaurs. But dinosaurs that still work just fine. So if you want to know where the structure and power of early computer processing came from (and thus the ability to game as you know it today), brief yourself on the history of the mainframe, and how important it is to many companies that still do informational heavy lifting to this day.

What Is the Internet?

And especially if you’re in the latest generation of computer users, then you’ve always had the internet around. But you may have never leaned back in your computer chair, crossed your fingers behind your neck and asked yourself – what is the internet anyway? The answer to that question, as you Google it and find how the puzzle pieces interlock, will change your gratitude level toward computers and online business transactions distinctly.

When Will Technology Stop Advancing At This Rate?

And have you notice that even though it seems like the power and expression of games is exploding exponentially, in the last decade that explosion isn’t slowing down? Things keep getting faster and stronger. At some point, that has to stop, right? What will happen to game culture when things have to get deeper instead of faster? It’s a fascinating question.

What Practical Skills Do I Learn From Gaming?

And a lot of naysayers claim that gaming doesn’t teach you anything, but there’s a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary. Gaming teaches problem solving, expands attention spans and focus, and with the right joystick makes hand-eye coordination improve drastically.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future for gamers is bright. New virtual reality and augmented reality technology is coming crushing to the surface of many programmer’s dreams and visions. And with new, more efficient ways of coding software, the sky is truly the limit as processing power keeps becoming less and less of a restriction.

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