5 Technology Trends to Learn in 2019 If You Want a Great Career

Getting demanded by the others is the best feeling ever.

Great words:

“I’m done trying to make an effort to stay in your life. When you want me, come and find me..!!”

Well, my dear technical friends, this year is all yours. Business- that’s where practically every organisation have cancer. And the only cure?

Yes..!! it’s you.

The demand for technical experts is nothing new. But this year has something new, something different.

From past few decades, technology has emerged with the most exciting part of it becoming commercially viable. This year, you will encounter various new forms of immersive enjoyment and non-alive objects, which will come your way, and you will feel them like it’s all real. Don’t underestimate the power of AI. Yes..!! here I’m going to discuss the progress of intelligent technologies and endless opportunities flowing through the various nodes of these technologies.

Software developer profile is first among other. It has become the most popular and best job across the globe. New trending technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data analytics etc., are getting exciting with advanced work performed on them in past few years. Small to large-scale organisations are leveraging these technologies enabled features in their platform. Let’s explore these development trends which will dominate the 2018 IT market.

1). Artificial Intelligence empowering technical advancement:

The upcoming days will be robotic- you must have heard such predictions from the past few years. Even a few experts warned that machines will eat your jobs. But now with incredible works accomplished with AI proved that it’s no longer than a conspiracy theory but it’s darker side is willing to do so. According to the World Economic Forum report, AI will eat more than five million jobs by the end of 2020.

Don’t worry..!! If AI is threatening your job and you are interested in the field, the next news is very joyful for you.  Till now, we have seen considerable growth in AI, from the recommendation engine and automated chatbots to IBM Watson in healthcare. AI and its associated technologies like machine learning, deep analytics etc., getting popularity among IT and other technical experts.

China has announced to invest $15 billion in AI-based development. Few experts believe that AI will take away one-third of the current jobs by the end of 2030. But, there is no doubt that AI will generate more than millions of jobs in the future. Statista report says- by the end of 2025, the AI market will grow up to 89,847.26 million USD.

2). Web and App Development: Well, everyone wants it.

Since the day cloud computing was introduced to this world, more and more organisations have started moving towards it. Currently, 88 percent of the organisations are using public cloud computing. Thus, the demand for app and web development drastically increased in the past few years. The app development market size is expected to reach 100 billion USD by 2022. While 57.7 percent business owners have invested in the web development for running their business. With the introduction of JavaScript-based works such as AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS- it has become very easy to develop websites and applications. A Full Stack Developer knows all the areas fall under this development phase from front-end designing to back-end development. It is not necessary that they are going to write the whole code but they can direct the team in the whole development process. So, get with the flow and start your development career today only.

3). The blockchain Market is Exploding:

The blockchain technology flickered in last year due to the hype in bitcoin. But now its involvement in the various sectors make companies believe that it can secure their future. Now it is believed that blockchain will touch every industry since more companies are adopting this technology to drive their business operational growth. Maybe this is the why blockchain market is expected to touch $7,683.7 million by 2022– according to a report by MarketsandMarkets. This figure was $241.9 million in 2016. The blockchain dichotomy has replaced the centralised computing model with its peer to peer interconnections, eliminating the cyber threats associated with organisations data. Services like large-scale and non-cash transactions, smart contracts, log maintenance etc., are streamlining processed in broader fields such as banking, healthcare, supply and distribution etc. So this year will be a diamond rush for technical persons.

4). Building Career in IoT is a Good Choice:

It has been observed that the demand for IoT talents increased up 300% in the last three years since 2014. The technology of connecting things to interchange data will connect up to 75.4 billion devices by 2025- which is an increase of 60 billion devices over ten years. The technology will open doors for circuit designers, microcontroller programmers, PLC designer, hardware designers, app developers, security experts, electrical and mechanical engineers. Improvement in IoT results in edge and fog computing like technology- creating job opportunity for blockchain and big data analytics experts. So why to limit yourself in this vast ocean of things, when you can grab all of it..!!

5). Security becomes a necessity:

This year has been nasty for few organisations like Under Armour, Rampant, US Universities etc., on the internet. Security has become the primary concerns of the companies running their operations over the internet. Its market will attract up to 231.9 billion USD by the end of 2022 with a CAGR rate of 11 percent. Big investors are flooding cybersecurity startups with massive investment. They have tune these firms with $3.4 billion capital in 2016.

This much investment is not fully satisfying the organisations. A study by the Enterprise Security Group uncovers that 45 percent of enterprises are dealing with the lack of cybersecurity talents. Even technologies like blockchain and AI will present an foreseeable future for skilled persons.

Final Words to Take Home:

As we can see how technology is covering up the future of our upcoming generations. We will be the one to witness the more accurate applications and new innovative developments. The drastic improvement in IoT, ML, AI, NLP, and self-learning models will change the traditional operations in almost every industries.

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