5 Things to Consider When Creating a New Company Website

There are a million and one things you must consider when creating a new company website. However, there are some factors that could determine its success. For this reason, we are providing the five things you must consider when launching a new site.

The Domain Name

Your domain name could be the one factor that helps a visitor decide whether they want to visit your website. You must, therefore, strive to create a professional domain name that complements your services and industry. While the natural choice might be your brand name, the domain might not be available, so you must select the next best choice.

The URL Address

Not only must you consider the domain name, but you must also consider the URL address. For example, if you offer UK services, the obvious choice would be to select a .co.uk URL; however, a .net URL address might be more suitable if you provide international services, so you are not limited to a location. However, if you are developing a professional website to showcase your experience, you should consider .me.uk.

Web Hosting

It’s not just the domain name and URL address that can make or break your website’s success, as you must also ensure you select the right web hosting provider. The last thing you want is for your website to suffer downtime in the middle of a transaction. It is, therefore, essential you pick a hosting plan with companies such as certahosting.co.uk, as they can provide a reliable domain name registration that can be teamed up with an affordable hosting package. What’s more, they can provide 24-hour support to offer advice and assistance, should you need it, as well as additional hosting options, such as Office 365 for secure cloud software that can improve your business performance and security.

The Content Management System

Different companies will have different content management requirements, so it is essential to decide the type of CMS system you will require to help build an aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-navigate website. For example, you can select a hosting package that integrates various content management systems, as you can choose from WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and more.

One of the most popular CMS systems is, of course, WordPress, because it is a free open source software that offers easy to use templates that can be expertly customized to complement your branding and website requirements.

The Template

Visitors will take one look at your website and in as little as 15 seconds, decide whether to remain on your website or visit a competitor. It is essential to select a template that not only works in harmony with your brand but offers a beautiful design that is easy to navigate. Unfortunately, if your website offers a poor user experience, people will click off your website and may never come back, so it is essential you work alongside an experienced web designer to create a design that will improve your bounce rate.

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