5 things to learn from the Chinese Google

This article is an article that provides a wide range of differences between SEO in China and SEO in the western world. But first of all, you must understand the definition of SEO itself. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a unified effort to increase the visibility of a website in cyberspace. In any SEO activity, you have to deal with HTML tags, text, Meta, and other codes which are the foundation of SEO. Chinese SEO has some important differences from SEO in the Western world. The Chinese market is radically different from what we find in the Western world.

Some things you should understand about the Chinese Internet:

– China has more than 590 million Internet users who access the Internet through a computer or PC.

– China has more than 800 million smartphone users.

– Google is not available in China due to various limitations of the Chinese government.

Search engine;

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, holding 61% of the total market share. But in recent years Baidu has lost much of its market share by some competitors, such as 360 SO in second position in the list of most popular Chinese search engines and Sogou in third position.

Internet censorship

You may be surprised at the fact that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are not even available in the communist state. If you access the Internet in China then you have to force yourself to adapt to Youku (such as YouTube), or Sina Weibo if you want to do microblogging activity. However you should be careful in writing anything if you do not want to be in serious trouble.

Website in Chinese

You should be aware that not less than 93% of the Chinese population only speaks in Chinese; this condition continues to be supported by Baidu and SO 360, these two sites to give more priority to the Chinese-language sites. Based on this fact, you have to adapt to the Chinese if you want to achieve success in China. You may need to take a Chinese course before jumping down to the Chinese market. This is the most important priority to do.

Your website must not contain any typing error in Mandarin, and any content may not be created of the translation by Reverso or Google Translate. What you should realize is that China’s largest domain is the “.cn”. You need to use this domain type if you want to reap a lot of Chinese customers.

Quantity over Quality

Baidu and other search engines prioritize quantity over quality. Instead of giving sanctions on the duplication efforts (as done by Google), Baidu provides more leeway.

The use of Backlink

Baidu to develop a traffic link that doesn’t prioritize links from small sites that is less opportunity for small site owners to develop their site. Baidu also prioritize links that lead to Baidu, in other words, Baidu wants to dominate every search. Baidu is very aggressive, more than Google does.

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