5 Ways Technology Can Make Traveling Easier

Traveling can be a taxing activity. However, you can’t deny that traveling today is easier due to technological advances. When you make plans for a trip, one of the first steps that you likely take is doing an internet search. You look for the best method to get to your destination, check the distance, and confirm applicable accommodations for the duration of your stay. You can conveniently access all those travel details from your computer, smartphone, or other mobile device — and using those devices is only the beginning. Learn about the following five ways today’s technology can make traveling easier for you.

Offers the Ability to Work on the Road

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If you are a business traveler, you probably have a laptop, tablet, or both. These mobile devices allow you to access important information for your job. With technological advances such as the web and Wi-Fi, you have little room for excuses regarding work tasks. Whether you are in an airport, hotel, or coffee shop, you can easily connect to an available network. Why not get your work done during travel time to allow for some leisure time when you get to your destination?

Allows Convenient Bookings Online

Everyone has a favorite reservation website such as Kayak, Travelocity, Priceline, and Expedia. These online booking engines give prospective travelers information and options for planning their trips. You can reserve flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals all at the same time.

Some people may still prefer to contact a travel agent. But the web gives you all the information that you need. Most reservation websites will allow you to compare prices among several vendors. Priceline also lets you bid on your preferred rates.

Creates Enjoyable Flights

E-readers and tablets that hold all of your current and want-to-reads are great companions for airplane travel. Lighten your luggage weight by leaving magazines or books at home.

Are you wondering if you have enough reading material on your mobile device? Set up Gogo In-Flight, a Wi-Fi and texting service that T-Mobile customers are using, so that you can purchase more e-books while still in the air. T-Mobile, the largest 4G LTE network, is the only wireless carrier that offers this in-flight service for free. It also is useful if you need to text someone when the pilot announces that your landing will be delayed.

Makes Contacting Family at Home Easier

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A recent study reported by Fast Company magazine shows that 37 percent of U. S. smartphone users primarily make phone calls. Besides using phones for texting and mobile browsing, people still use their cellphones to call others.

With your phone, you can let family members know that you arrived at your destination when they hear your voice. Do you have little ones at home? With a simple FaceTime call, you can see them in person. If your phone does not have the FaceTime capability, you can download apps such as WhatsApp and Skype free of charge. The technological ability to see your loved ones is especially beneficial if you will be away from home for an extended period.

Lets You Use GPS in Unfamiliar Cities

Have you ever been to Kalamazoo, Michigan? The city is almost 150 miles west of Detroit. If you visited Kalamazoo, would you know how to get around town? Decades ago, you would have to use a paper map to figure out the best route to take for every stop on your itinerary. Now you can use a turn-by-turn GPS to dictate your journey. If the car you are driving isn’t equipped with a navigation system, a map app or website on your cellphone will point you in the right direction. Most map apps discourage operating your cellphone while driving, so look up your destination before starting your vehicle’s engine.

Travel for work and pleasure removes people from their daily routine. When faced with unfamiliarity, the result can be anxiety and frustration — not to mention all of the mishaps that can occur when you are on someone else’s timetable. Indeed, technology has reduced the complications of travel and made the process much simpler. Wouldn’t you agree?

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