5 Wins that Only iPhone Monitoring Software Can Deliver

Do you have a pesky kid that keeps on breaking your rules because they simply can? Time for you to brush up on your dad skills, my friend. We’re going to make sure you become the daddest dad of them all with the help of a little iPhone monitoring software called Xnspy. With this app, you’ll be winning.


1.     Call Listening, No Problem

So your child has decided to lock themselves up in their room, talking for hours with God knows who? Don’t you worry. With this iPhone app, you’ll have call listening. This means that you’ll be able to eavesdrop on all their phone calls. Now, I know what some of you might say. Kids need privacy for healthy development etc, and we agree with you. But we’re just going to remind you that when you’re child has been talking with someone in secrecy, they could be in danger of being groomed by a stranger. So if you see someone on their contact list who isn’t a friend, or family, or acquaintances or absolutely anyone from their circle, you should listen in on their calls. Be the daddest dad you can be.

2.     Geo-Fencing Like a Boss

So your child thinks they can just sneak out of school and go wherever they like without you finding out. Time for you to do your dad laugh. Because we’re giving you your Xnspy iPhone monitoring software with tracker which comes with a geo-fencer. This means you can place virtual fences around locations. Anytime your child crosses those fences, you receive an instant alert. Then it is you and your dad powers to the rescue.

3.     iMessage Reading? Of course.

So your child has been spending way too much time on their iMessage because they think you don’t know such a thing exists? Such funny characters, kids, aren’t they? Your iPhone spy app tracks all their iMessages no problem. You can view every single sent and received message, along with any multimedia that might have been exchanged. You’ll be all knowing and all powerful. As you should be.

4.     Remote Phone Lock is Possible

So your child has been violating your curfew and messing with your rules? Use Xnspy to lock their phones. They won’t know how to unlock it. They might whine and cry a bit, but you can use that time to negotiate your rules. Crack a dad joke or two. Talk to them about the responsibility of using digital mediums for good. Offer them a dose of digital detox perhaps.

5.     Wipe Phone Memory Why Don’t You?

So your child has been glued onto their phone for way too long and you don’t know what to do with them? Prepare for your biggest dad moment yet. Wipe their phone memory altogether. Clear their phones up. Also works in situations where they phone gets lost and you’re worried about data loss and identity theft. But we’ll let you chose.

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