6 Remodeling Apps for the ROI-Savvy, Tech-Loving Homeowner

There’s an app for almost any accomplishment that we might try to achieve these days — meditation, better sleep, being more productive, and even upkeep and remodeling your home, a project that might be on many people’s to-do lists in the new year. The task of updating your home can be overwhelming and having as many tools as possible to stay organized and reach your goals, can help you cross the finish line sooner. Here is an overview of six apps for remodeling your home that can help you stay on track for your upcoming home improvement projects, many of them taking advantage of AR technology to help you save time and money before investing in home upgrades.


If you want to become a DIY master of your home, then WikiHow’s app may be a useful tool for you. WikiHow’s straight-forward how-to guides cover home repair and remodeling projects ranging from painting your front door to replacing the faucet. The app also provides supply lists and step-by-step instructions including illustrations and detailed descriptions. 


There are some jobs that you can’t do yourself, and for this, Thumbtack can be a great resource. The app gives you access to home improvement professionals, allowing you to research the skills you need, chat with someone, hire them, and pay them. You can even request a free estimate as you are shopping around for the best person for the job. The app will ask you a series of questions to guide you, such as project size, budget, and deadline, then will share a list of professionals to choose from. You can then filter and sort the search results by rating, availability, and price.  


If you are looking to remodel your home or work on an addition, Magicplan can make your life easier. Magicplan’s 2D, 3D, and AR features can map out detailed floor plans including doorways, windows, cabinetry, appliances, and other built-ins in the initial planning phase of your project. The app is a bit technical so you might want to attend one of Magicplan’s webinars or watch their YouTube tutorials to get started. Keep in mind that the app may be easier to use on an iPad or tablet with a large screen.

Project Color by the Home Depot

Does your home’s interior or exterior need an upgrade? This app allows you to test thousands of paint colors using its AR technology and photo uploads. Browse paint colors by color families or with the “Color Match” feature by taking a photo of a color you love to match it. The app also includes guides by Home Depot on how to choose a paint color and how to prep your room for painting. Once you narrow down your options, you can order peel and stick paint samples from the app.

AR technology with this app visualizes how fixtures, hardware, appliances, and some furnishings look in your home, before you purchase them. The app’s “In-Home Preview” allows you to compare a range of products including appliances, range hoods, ceiling fans, lighting, tubs, faucets, vanities, medicine cabinets, cabinet hardware, and door handles in your space. This is especially useful for details like choosing hardware finish and deciding between knobs or pulls.


To research outdoor home improvements with high ROI, you can use the iScape app, which uses AR technology to overlay mulch, sod, plants, and hardscape onto your front yard. You can select appropriate plants for your yard’s light and soil conditions and layout the foliage for a balanced design. Spend a few hours perfecting your design and you could save money, without needing to hire a professional landscape designer.

Whatever your next home improvement project, there is an app that can help you get the job done more easily.  

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