6 Top Geek Vacations of 2017

Is there anything better than vacationing around your geeky hobbies and interests. 2017 offers a full year of opportunities for you to visit the nerdiest locations. Even if you have to take out a small personal loan to go, it’ll be worthwhile to visit any of the following destinations.

  1. Comic-Con

No list of geeky vacations is complete without mentioning comic-con. It’s the only place where you can dress up as your favorite character and literally immerse yourself in the world of your favorite comic without anyone looking at you twice.

Chances are, you can find a comic-con near you. Here’s a list of comic-con events for the years of 2017 and 2018.

  1. Bran Castle

Lovers of classic literature and original horror must make a visit to Bran Castle in Transylvania. This historic building is where the stories about a blood-sucking monster began. If you thought the books and movies were frightening, it’s nothing compared to the spooky feeling of Bran Castle at night.

  1. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Located in Titusville, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is an astrophysicist’s dream come true. You can take a tour of the very place the rockets leave this world in pursuit of the next. You’ll be surrounded by incredible science and engineering that have made seemingly impossible feats possible.

Make sure you attend when there are special events going on to get the full experience. If you time it right, you could even watch a rocket launch from the space center.

  1. Nikola Tesla Museum

If you ever find yourself in Belgrade, Serbia, look up the Nikola Tesla Museum. The museum will reveal both the history of Nikola Tesla himself as well as some of his incredible creations. While you’re there, you can be the first to see new announcements, view science experiments, watch the Tesla Transformer in action, and so much more.

  1. Harry Potter World

It’s true that there’s a Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in both Los Angeles and Orlando, FL, but if you want the real experience, you need to visit the Florida location. It has both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade parks with the Hogwarts Express that will take you in between each. You can sample butterbeer and cauldron cakes, ride a wild hipogriff roller coaster, and watch a young wizard get his first wand.

The experience can’t be summed up in words. You’ll just have to go for yourself.

  1. The American Classic Arcade Museum

Those with a passion for videogames should take a visit back to where it all started. The American Classic Arcade Museum located in Laconia, New Hampshire has more than 300 classic games that date back as far as the70s.

They’re all in working condition, and you can enjoy both the games and the history when you visit. It’s a must see for anyone who’s ever gotten the high score on Pacman and other arcade games.

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