A Guide: How to Get More Done Each Day

Drinking more coffee, working longer hours, missing your lunch break — you need not do any of these things in your bid to get more done each day. In fact, if you do decide to embrace these productivity tactics, you’ll actually find yourself feeling less proactive and, subsequently, doing less work than you would normally do. You should, then, put down the caffeine, and start thinking of other ways to get more done.

Fortunately, advice on what you can do to get more out of each day can be found below.

Start each day with a full and healthy breakfast

The benefits of a full and healthy breakfast are unparalleled in this instance. By starting each day with this kind of banquet, you will find yourself feeling productive from the second you start working to the second your shift if over. This is because balanced breakfasts provide you with sustained energy levels, rather than just a short, sharp spike of energy. You should, then, opt for breakfasts packed full of fruits, protein, and healthy fats rather than those that are covered in sugar.

To provide yourself with even more energy as each day progresses, you should also be sure to get a healthy amount of sleep each night.

Stop taking too much on

Overcommitting yourself to your work will see your stress levels increase, your focus decrease, and your productivity levels waver, there’s no doubt about that. You need to stop taking too much on, then, no matter what financial carrot is dangled in front of your nose, as this will see you get more done each day, and produce better work to boot.

In this instance, it’s a good idea to break your biggest projects down into smaller ones. It will see you reach checkpoints with your work regularly, which will, in turn, motivate you to carry on working right the way through each working day.

Take breaks

It might sound like the complete opposite of what you should be doing, but taking breaks will, in fact, help you to get more work done each day. By taking breaks from your workload regularly, you will reset your motivation to work and get your mind ready for the challenges that lay ahead. With this refreshed enthusiasm, you will be able to devote more of yourself to the tasks that you undertake.

Get organized

Organization is key to getting more done each day. When you are able to create and stick to a schedule, you’ll find it easier to devote more time and effort to your most difficult tasks. You’ll also find the all-important task of keeping your notes and documents in order much easier to undertake, too.

To assist you in your bid to get organized, you should make use of Evernote; a notes application that helps you to focus on what matters most. By using this app, you will be able to create notes in a variety of formats, scan and digitize your checklists effortlessly, and jot down your thoughts as and when they come in an easy-to-format word processor.

To get more done each day, you’re going to have to be prepared to embrace the advice laid out in the guide above.

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