A Lesson in Programmatic Extensibility with Online Casinos

Some of the best programmers I know personally and those which I can point to as the best based on the work they produce aren’t the most confident in their abilities. They suffer from the now common imposter syndrome and they often feel as if they come across as sounding like they know nothing about their craft when they have to talk about it.

The truth is however that the best programmers simply get on with it and their praises are never sung whereas they take on very complicated projects such as those which have to do with running an online casino. If I was in charge of the certification process which budding programmers who want to go professional would be subjected to, I would approach the process with a little bit more of a practical method to gauging skills.

You would be given a certain status and level if you were seeking to get certified as a web applications programmer, with something like a community notice-board perhaps landing you a slightly lower status than building something like a community social network with membership capabilities. The projects would perhaps have to be deployable in the “real world” and I’d probably award the highest standard of certification to web applications developers who demonstrate an ability to develop and deploy platforms such as online casinos.

Sure, an online casino platform which is deployed in the real market probably takes an entire team of different kinds of coders, developers, designers and project managers to put together, but I reckon something like that makes for the ultimate test in programmatic extensibility. Extensibility in programming is indeed one of the most important aspects if not the most important, particularly when it comes to solutions which are indeed going to be deployed in real-world environments like online casinos. There’s money involved amongst the handling of data in a manner which has to be compliant with the user-data handling regulations, so it’s about more than just the core functionality. In the case of the online casino this core functionality would of course be that of allowing gamers to place bets and then pay them out in accordance with their winning combinations selected – all of this of course in relation to all the other bettors trying their luck on the platform simultaneously.

The astuteness to be demonstrated in the extensibility would come into play with regards to how the platform handles something like a migration to a brand new game added to the platform for example, so too in the case of something like how more live gamers join an ongoing game that’s already kicked-off and has had a few rounds spun.

The application of the free credit or spins you get via something like a Heart Bingo promo code perhaps makes for the ultimate challenge and lesson in programmatic extensibility though since it needs to be assimilated smoothly while making sure that there is no “data leak” which would equate to what can make for an expensive money leak.

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