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There are worse things in life than being called a geek and some might even wear it as a badge of honour. But, if like me, your Christian name starts with ‘G’, then there’s always the risk that the word ‘geek’ and your name become one and hey presto! you have a nickname for life. On the positive side it also made for a good website name.

A Born Geek

I am Gary Watson, a 31-year-old, computer programmer, Star Wars fan and game player… a kind of switched-on nerd! From an early age, I’ve always been interested in gaming, computers, technology and generally how things work under the bonnet. I built my first game on my dad’s PC using Flash (remember Flash!) and while it wasn’t going to win any awards, it had me hooked to learn more.

During my teen years, my friends would question my fascination with computers and I think that’s when the term ‘Gary the Geek’ was first uttered. I remember that useless bit of information that was going around a few years ago about who would you rather be, Bill Gates or Michael Jordan when it came to money. Well, it showed that if Jordan were paid his playing salary for 500 years, he would still not have as much money as Gates. Interesting huh?


App Development

Now I am not saying I am a potential Bill Gates. No way. I’d have to invent something to compete against Microsoft and that does not seem possible at the moment. Nice thought, though. I might work on that one. My salary at the moment is a bit less than either of those gentlemen but I did invent a couple of Apps that are doing okay and provide me with a bit of passive income. You know those Geeky Lemon ones for Android? My claim to fame so far.


I live in Warrington, not far from Manchester UK, and I’m still at home with my mum and dad and my younger sister. I can hardly remember seeing them too much over the past 3 years. Typical geek, I was locked away in my bedroom playing around with some hacks and a few game ideas. Sometimes I even forgot to eat but mum, bless her, would knock on the door and leave dinner outside for me. “Gary, your dinner’s here,” she’d shout. “Okay, mum. Thanks.” That was it. I know I am exaggerating a bit but honestly, the last couple of years has been a blur.

If you’ve ever gotten involved in some sort of computer game or trying to learn Photoshop or things like Graphic Design, the time just flies and the hour of the day means nothing. A bit like a casino. They keep all the lights on and bells ringing and noises happening and you walk out and say “Blimey, it’s four am!”

Stuff I know is Stuff You Don’t Know!

Sorry, this has been a bit of a ramble for an opening blog but hey, guys like us have minds racing all over the place. What did you expect? A structured post with bullet points and hints and tips? I’m pretty handy with lots of computer stuff. I know how things work although I am not good at marketing on the internet, I am good at setting up websites and the technical stuff that goes into them behind the scenes. Drop me an email if you have a question, a problem or an idea. As I am at my computer almost 24/7, you’ll never be waiting long for an answer!

Hello there!
Hello there!

My name is Gary, a 31 year old Tech Loving marketer passionate about home tech and coffee.

I'm a Programmer for hire working with small to medium businesses.

I network in Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester in the North West, England.

This website is my online notebook dedicated to tech, marketing and finance.

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