Android And iOS Games To Play With Your Friends At The Next Party

Party and multiplayer games which include card games, arcade games racing games, free slot machines games, team games etc. are really entertaining and worthwhile genres of games and nothing’s better than sharing a good meal, meeting up, and filling out hangout session via our Android and iOS devices. There are several Android and iOS games on respective stores that will keep everyone occupied, we have a list of our favourite party games.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a social party game you can play with one person or a group. With the game installed on just one device either iOS or Android, you can challenge a friend or several friends to a trivia competition. You hold the phone up on your forehead and let your friends see the word on it. They give you clues to help you guess the word and you win if you can guess before the timer runs out. There are several categories to work through, including animals, pop culture stars, blockbuster movies, music, and more. Each game lasts a minute.


Mobile games don’t have to be static affairs, with Bounden you and your dance partner hold one smartphone and dance. It is designed to instruct you on how to make beautiful shapes with another person and it’s a fun way to learn how to dance, apart from being a fun game to play at parties. There are eight dances in all and with choreography by the Dutch National Ballet your movements have the potential to look surprisingly good. with practice, anyway.


Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for two to four players collaborate to fix a critically unstable spaceship within a tight time limit by yelling delightfully nonsensical commands at other players and vice versa. It’s a multiplayer game that turns your mobile device into the console of an interstellar cruiser. The instructions that pop up onscreen need to be applied within a time limit or your ship takes hit, but you have no way of knowing if the instructions are meant for you or someone else. It works amazingly with people you know well and those you’re used to communicating with. Exactly the kind of game that brings people together at a party.

Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is classic acting and guessing game. All the same rules of guessing games are here, which is to say that none of the players can speak or mouth out words. Instead of one actor and multiple guessers, the roles are flipped and there is only one guesser per team while the rest of the team become the actors. Simple change, but with amazing results. Play continues until a point goal is reached, or until everyone is laughing too hard and can’t go on any further.

Bam Fu

Bam Fu turns the player’s device into a board game. The board is full of colorful tiles and tapping them changes color in the cycle. The goal is to create a screen full of one’s own color. This game will unleash a fight on literally on your smartphone or tablet’s screen. Whoever’s leading at the end of five rounds wins.

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