App Attack: Quick and Simple Tricks to Gain Control Over Your Android Phone Files

If you love to download every app that catches your eye, or if you’ve just had your Android device for a long time, chances are that the apps are starting to pile up, making it a chore to find what you want, when you want it.


You don’t have to panic, though, or even delete those apps. This is just a simple issue of organization, and it’s not even that difficult to do. By doing a couple of simple things, you can soon gain control over your unorganized device and find everything you need with ease at anytime. Here are some simple things you can do to get organized.

Create Shortcuts

Shortcuts are just ways to perform simple actions with one touch rather than having to open an application to do the same thing. This saves time not only because you don’t have to open the app, but because you don’t even need to find it first.

You can create shortcuts to perform all sorts of functions. You can create an assistive touch shortcut that automatically gives you a range of options within an app when you touch the icon; you can make it so the camera opens when you double-click the power button; you can enable “OK, Google” to open from the home screen or only when the Google app is open. The possibilities are endless and there are many websites that give you suggestions.

This website gives you a quick tutorial on how to create, delete and organize shortcuts.

Use Widgets

Widgets are a great way to save you time and space on your device.

A widget is a stand-alone program that you can install to show on your home screen, eliminating the need to open the app unless it requires an action. For instance, this weather app has a widget function that will show you as much — or as little — information about the current weather conditions from anywhere in the world on your home screen. There are a lot of apps out there that have built-in widgets, so if there are applications you frequently use but don’t’ want to search for, look to see if they have a widget option.

Use Folders

You can create folders on your Android device that will organize like-minded apps, such as games, productivity tools like spreadsheets and documents or your social media apps. This can seriously cut down on unwanted screen clutter and searching for your apps.

All you have to do is press and hold an app and the device will prompt you to create a folder. Then, you find all of the other apps you want and drag them into that folder and, voila! Instant lean up.

For safety, the folder only creates a shortcut to the program, so if you accidently delete a folder, you don’t delete the program itself.

Don’t let the clutter of a bunch of apps dismay you. Clean up your screen with these simple solutions.

Alex Long writes about technology, usually focusing on smartphones and the Android system as he shares tips and tricks for getting the most from a device.

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