What To Do When Appliance Warranty Expires

The warranty on an electrical appliance protects the buyer’s consumer rights. Warranties protect goods for a set period of time, usually for a minimum period of six months. In the event of damage or a malfunction, consumers can use the warranty protection to claim their money back or to swap the faulty appliance for a brand new model.image

It may be necessary to have repairs from Thornbury Electrics to fix the problem.

It is important to know when the warranty on an appliance expires. If warranties are allowed to expire, then goods will not be covered in the event of any damage or malfunction. This can be a frustrating situation for consumers and may force them to buy expensive replacements at a time when they are struggling to pay the bills or the mortgage.

Read this useful guide about how to deal with an expired warranty.

Find A Company That Can Perform Cost-Effective Repairs

If the warranty has expired, then the cost of any repairs will have to come out of the consumer’s pocket. Shop around in order to find a company which will fix broken electrical goods for a reasonable price. Thornbury electrical appliance repairs in Perth are cost-effective and thorough.

Check If The Expired Warranty Can Be Renewed

In some exceptional cases, it may be possible to renew the expired warranty on electrical goods. Whilst most companies will refuse to renew an expired warranty, it is worth ringing the company’s warranty department in order to explore all the possibilities. This is more likely to happen if the product hasn’t been damaged or hasn’t malfunctioned since the time that the consumer bought the appliance.

Renewing an expired warranty may require consumers to pay a high fee, so have some funds in reserve to cover the costs. Make sure that the company explains the process fully before a renewal goes ahead.

Search For Similar Products Which Have A Longer Warranty Period

After contacting the appliance company, some consumers may find that they are unable to renew the warranty period. The repairs for the appliance may be more expensive than going out and buying a brand-new replacement. If this happens, compare several replacements by checking that the warranty period is longer than the warranty of the original item. Having a longer warranty period will give consumers peace of mind that malfunctions and damage will be covered for years.

Get Help From Friends And Family Whilst Appliances Are Being Replaced Or Repaired

Whilst the faulty appliances are being repaired, it is a good idea to get help from friends and family. For example, if the washing machine is broken and there are no clean clothes in the house, why not take a bundle of clothes to Mum and Dad’s house so that they can be cleaned and ironed in time for the start of another week. Borrow a friend’s computer for a few hours if the laptop is broken and an important presentation needs to be prepared.

Hopefully, this guide will allow people to deal successfully with an expired warranty.

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