Appreciating Realism In Your Favorite Games

There are a few different angles that you can approach your favorite video and computer games from, and realism is one of the more popular viewpoints. With all of the processing power now available on different gaming systems, the graphics and physics potential is just exploding.


In particular, if you want to look at games from the realism perspective, you can look into things like the structural integrity of buildings and items, the human physics involved, what virtual reality gaming is doing for realism, the detail work that goes into weapons, and the functions of intent when it comes to realism. Each of these concepts will help you to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into make sure the end user is entertained.

Structural Integrity

One fascinating aspect of the new games that are coming out is with regard to the structural integrity of buildings. You can either look at it from the perspective of a game like “The Sims,” where you can create everything from the concept of the foundation of a home, all the way through intricate details about the exterior. And even a game like Minecraft allows a ton of possibility when it comes to structures, even though the graphics aren’t a part of that equation.

Human Physics

And think of the human physics in games like the “Call of Duty” series. The movement, running, jumping, tilting, and getting hit actions are just phenomenal in terms of realism, and each new iteration keeps pushing the envelope further and further. Other super realistic physics might come in the form of things like racing games as well, where full-featured control systems (think pedals and steering wheel) make human physics apply to the virtual world as well.

Virtual Reality Gaming

And with the onset of virtual reality hardware, gaming will be taken to a new level as well. With the ability to have complete sensory overload, a full suspension of disbelief is coming in the near future, and gamers will have the first taste of it.

Weapons Realism

And any game that has any kind of a weapon used during play is ramping up its realism as well. From the sounds of guns cocking, to the recoil physics, to the exact look down to tiny details, there’s a lot to appreciate as programmers want to take you to the next level of enjoyment.

The Function of Intent

And then there are the games that have added a bit of psychological realism to the mix. The “Undertale” series allows people to have different pathways to the end goal, and violence vs. passivity make the gameplay different as time goes on. Expect to see more of this concept incorporate into future games as well.

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