The best and worst games inspired by TV shows

Hollywood is always looking for interesting and thrilling storylines for movies and TV shows. Because people working there understand that there are hundreds of gaming franchises but no one ever talks about great games that are inspired exactly by TV shows.

The reason for that is the following: if a movie is based on a game – it is worth watching. But if a game is inspired by a movie or a TV show – it is a complete failure. Nevertheless, let’s not forget about exceptions.

Also, let’s not forget that many games inspired by TV shows are launched on a regular basis. Therefore, their selection is already a matter of personal needs and preferences. But if you like playing such games then you would definitely enjoy casino online games too. They are not only as breath-taking as video games, but also profitable and less stressful.

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The worst of the worst

There are hundreds of interesting TV shows that are watched by millions of people worldwide. So why games based on them can be really terrible? As the practice shows, they really tend to be boring, weird, hard to play, without any sense and plot, etc.

  1. Superman 64 – from the name of the game it is understood that it was based on the animated series “Superman”. Who doesn’t like the most powerful superhero in the world? And who wouldn’t like to play a game based on these particular series? Having an ability to fly, be strong and powerful – all these and many more actions were expected from the game. But as it turned out the game is all about flying around Metropolis. Very rarely, a hero has to do such minor things as throwing a car, steering through the rings, etc. All this simply doesn’t even sound exciting, not already speaking of playing it.
  2. Walking Dead – this game was inspired by an extremely popular AMC TV show. Game makers hoped that the game would be not less popular among the show fans and players. Despite their thoughts, the rating of the game is very low and is characterised as boring, unplayable, and broken.

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The best of the best

  1. Game of Thrones – the game that is extremely popular among players worldwide. First of all due to the fact that it greatly resembles the TV show it is based on. Second, because cast members have also contributed to the creation of the game by sharing their singing talents. Third, the graphics, colours, music and other technical features are of such high quality, that players simply can’t stop playing and enjoying it. So, if you like shocking deaths, unexpected situations, and violence, then this game is definitely for you.
  2. 24: the Game – the Game was launched after the first season of the TV show. The TV show itself is very exciting since it is of full different actions that make people look almost without blinking. The game makers wanted to create the same action-packed product that would drive players crazy with a lot of things to be done. As a result, the game is in great demand among people of different ages. It has great sound effects, no delays, perfect graphics, variable gaming situations and options, etc.
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