The Big Sell: Priceless Pointers for Producing a Compelling Creative Brief

There are very few things that sell themselves and even if that was the case, you would still need to find a way of marketing them successfully, which is why you need to be able to produce a compelling creative brief, if you are going to open all the right doors and achieve success.


One good way of ensuring that everyone involved in a campaign are working in unison and collaborating effectively, is to make use of marketing calendar software. There are also other considerations that will contribute to your overall success, such as being able to write an awesome creative brief.

Why a creative brief is so essential

There will no doubt be a few eyes rolling at the mere mention of a creative brief, but even if you take the view that this is a tiresome aspect of your preparation, there is no doubt that it has the ability to make the whole creative process much easier in the long run.

What a creative brief can do is help to align the goals and desires of the client and the design team, so that everyone understands all aspects of the project and knows how they will play a part in bringing it all together.

Having this creative brief in place will minimize the prospect of any potential misunderstandings, by clearing up any potential issues right at the beginning of the process. You should also find that it will help to fast track the approval process and prevent any possible delays at a later point.

Important aspects of your brief

There are a number of fundamental and critical elements that you creative brief should never be lacking.

These include being able to clearly define what the project is all about in a comprehensive overview and providing some useful background on the client and what they are all about.

The project overview will need to encompass a general idea of what aspects need to be worked on together with an agreement reached on the format that would be most applicable based on the specific circumstances and demands of the project.

Solving the problem

If you want your creative brief to be successful, you should be able to accurately describe the specific problem that you are setting out to solve.

It is rarely sufficient enough to simply pay lip service to your clients demands and expect them to have all of the answers, even if they believe that to be the case. A successful project invariably involves digging below the surface and asking some searching questions, if you are going to be able to find the root cause of the problem you are attempting to solve.

Even when you are able to successfully identify a pathway to selling a solution, you will then need to focus your attention on how you are going to communicate your message, by discussing which communication channels and mediums you believe will be effective in reaching your target audience.

If you are going to be able to produce a compelling creative brief, you will need to ensure that all of the right components go into making this happen.

Zak Mason has worked as a brand manager for numerous companies over the years. Now setting up on his own, Zak is sharing his branding and marketing knowledge online in his articles.

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