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Books you say? Are they still around? They sure are and the death of the real book with real pages that you like to read at the beach or in bed at night is just a rumour. True, Ebooks have made big inroads into the paperback and hardcover stuff, but the old book is making a comeback. I’m easy, I don’t mind reading either and if you’re a lazy blighter, you can even have a book read to you while you drive, sleep, eat and lay about. Saves turning the page and you don’t need your specs.

In my game, technical books are a bit of a drag but sometimes essential reading if you want to understand how something works. Do you remember the ‘For Dummies’ books? They were actually pretty good. Simple to read and easy to follow. It said ‘Dummies’ and it meant exactly that. If you have no technical blood flowing through your veins then trying to understand geeky stuff is going to be difficult.

YouTube is another bit of marvellous media for getting information and learning. You can watch somebody do it on the screen, slow it, stop it, rewind it. There are instructions on the internet via YouTube for everything from cleaning your ears to building an aeroplane. Awesome really!

Me? I like certain books. Magazines really. Publications that come out showing all the new trends, inventions, innovations and tech developments with computers and Android devices. I don’t mind reading about space and galaxies and the universe either. Some magazines are not worth the reading time while others I am hanging out waiting for the newest addition. They are available as online publications too. I like that. You don’t have to wait for the postman. Here’s my favourite tech books that are not only for people like me, but a lot of the material is interesting to the ‘normal’ folk, like you. ☺ is my favourite and has been for a long time. It has stayed in touch with what’s going on and offers an unbiased opinion. It’s a monthly publication and worth the money. originates in the USA but it has a very high circulation in the UK as well. This one is available online only now at an unbelievable $19.97 a year. If the one online edition costs $6.99 and the whole year costs $19.97, what’s your choice?

Windows 10 For Dummies is an essential book to help you navigate the new Operating System from Microsoft, which may be their last. There will be improvements on W10 but it’s rumoured that this is the final instalment. I guess Bill Gates has enough money to retire! concentrates a lot on PC’s and Windows rather than tablets and androids but has a lot of useful information. If you want to build your own PC, this magazine will help. It’s not so hard to do either.

Let me know if any of these suggested publications interest you. You can generally read an edition online for free before buying. Check them out.

Hello there!
Hello there!

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