Boost Your Brand By Using Hologram Projectors On Your Next Trade Show

Holograms sure have come light years since we first saw them in popular summer blockbuster cinematic hits like Star Wars and Blade Runner in the 1970’s and 1980’s –and the quality, ease of deployment, and price has never been more compelling—even Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard might not be able to tell the difference between a hologram and the real thing (and that sure says a lot).


Big business has been clamouring to implement 3D holographic projections into their marketing and new business engagement strategies, from customer service kiosks equipped with hologram mannequins to video projection on water screen –all because they know something small and medium-sized businesses don’t: 3D holographic projections are much cheaper than people assume them to be.

In fact, I checked into it and 3D holograms, although I cannot discuss pricing here because it changes with demand (and demand is low enough for small to medium sized businesses to save a bundle while matching the efforts and budgets of their big business competitors!) –but let me tell you; 3D hologram pricing is definitely in the ballpark for everyone from grass roots organisations and non-profits to medium sized, highly competitive businesses.

The truth is, most companies just don’t know how to implement the technology. They’re afraid of gimmicks, and they’re even more afraid of weak application. Little do they know that if they just picked up a phone and had a friendly chat they would be able to speak to a professional who could go over simple 3D holographic applications for their trade show or corporate event. In this business, these consultations are typically free.

It really doesn’t take much effort to pick up 3D projection technology and use it in a compelling, engaging way that can generate leads for your business while making your business stand out above your business rivals.

3 Reasons 3D Holographic Projection is Ready for the Almighty Trade Show

  1. Ambitious Holographic Applications

3D holographic projectors are a lower-cost version of what’s available on the market (depending on how you use the tech). One of the really interesting applications that boosted customer engagement while also serving customer support business requirements that I have personally seen in action was the 3D holographic, fully interactive, hologram mannequin. Check it out:

  1. People, You Know –Customers—are Drawn to Holograms

Did you envision the level of engagement by people in the video above? Can you imagine? If that video wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, you might want to see the rest of the videos from Activ8, one of the companies providing holograms. You may do so by checking out their website.

Holograms literally steal the attention from dry, boring, rival business tradeshow tables in ways that would probably exceed that of any five thousand pound espresso machine, fancy lighting, prize draw, or plush comfortable carpets.

Experience is everything when it comes to tradeshows, and holograms will enhance your brand experiences right out of this world.

  1. They Solve Business Challenges

In addition to helping generate new business, holographic projectors can solve complex business challenges in a creative way. They can engage people who come into your booth when you’re occupied, provide customer support, provide additional product or service information, and bridge online services into the real world. You won’t really know what’s possible until you speak to a professional familiar with your needs.

In Conclusion

If the idea of renting a 3D holographic projector seems like a wasted marketing expense, you might want to consider the notion to buy a 3d hologram projector from Activ8 Hologram Events. They are among the best companies that provide holographic solutions to their clients. 

When it comes to getting holograms for a trade show, it’s ideal to get help the first one or two times you set one up especially if you’re not very familiar with it. Most providers can help you to set it up, just make sure to ask them if they can do so. But, in the next instances, if you decide that hologram projectors deliver the value you’re looking for, it might make logical business sense to purchase one.

What do you think? Gimmick or staple? Let us know in the comments.

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