Building a Customer Base for Viral Growth

If your users love your product, they will share and attract more users. This is the principle behind “word of mouth” marketing. It is also the base of many viral marketing campaigns today. However, there are actually more things you can do than just getting users to like your products. You can build a customer base for viral growth with the help of blog marketing.


Content That Work

In today’s internet marketing world, a good product is just one of the many factors that determines success. Having a strong customer base – or a community of users – is much more important. You can’t focus on only your products; instead, you should focus on the value of your brand as a whole.

This is where high quality content comes in. Every good product must have a series of good content to go with it. The content can be about anything:

– Tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of the product

– Updates from the industry or general news related to the product

– Guides and similar topics

– General information that can be valuable to users

These content work well for creating a strong customer base. Even better, they also work very well with maintaining a high level of retention. Users will continue to return to your site not only when they need to buy your products, but also because they know they can find valuable information.

Interaction and Sharing

So how can quality content promote viral growth? By persuading customers or users to share and interact. Like every other website or business, we tend to start with a small amount of visitors. An even smaller portion of the visitors we have get converted to customers who actually buy the products.

Create content that are worth sharing and make it very easy for users to share them. The immensely social nature of today’s internet gives you a huge advantage in this department. All you have to do is place the sharing button effectively; your content will do most of the work for you.

As mentioned before, certain content work better in acquiring and retaining a good amount of customers. The way the information is presented is just as important. For example, people love short articles more than long articles simply because they can scan through short articles better. To use the tendency to your advantage, you can divide articles into subsections, with sub-headings and bullet points, to allow visitors to get the idea you are trying to convey quickly.

Don’t hesitate to arouse interaction, both on your site and on social media. Allow users to leave comments and have good, healthy discussions on the topics you discuss in the articles. Ask questions and get feedback from your followers on social media. Then, use the feedback to further improve your content.

Going Viral

The combination of good products and high quality content can propel your customer base to the level you are aiming for, especially when you know how to use them to your advantage. It is not difficult to get that compounding effects of viral marketing with these simple tips:

– Feedbacks from your customers are valuable, so listen to them! Happy customers are the best marketers you have, so keep your customers happy by fine-tuning your product to better suit the demands. Work on getting customers involved in product development; nothing feels better than knowing that a product is better because of your input, and allowing customers to feel this way about your product is a huge advantage.

– Give more and you will get more. Don’t just stop at providing customers with great content to enjoy and share. Offer then incentives for sharing your products and content to the public. For example, you can start a reward or a referral program to attract more customers. Contests work great too!

– Connect and interact. Your social media pages are there for you to be social with your customers; that’s why they are called “social media”. Respond to customers’ inquiries, have light discussions about everyday subjects and ignite response. The closer your customers feel with your brand, the more they will recommend you to other people.

– Connect with others in the industry. I’ve always said that guest blogging, despite being time consuming, is always worth doing. It involves so much more than just writing an article for another blog. You get to connect with others in the industry, work together in expanding each other’s reach and gain credibility in the process.

– Be consistent! Blog marketing – and internet marketing in general – only works when you are consistent. Continue to write great posts, produce high quality content that your customers enjoy and update your site regularly to get the best results.

So, are you ready to build a customer base that can propel your product and business to the success it deserves?

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