Why Should Your Business Be Using Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has, for many years, given hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world the tools they’ve needed to become a success, and with the new release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it has given businesses further opportunities to become more efficient when it comes to customer relations. The product itself is built with efficiency in mind so both customers and employers benefit from the use of Dynamics 365. If you’re looking at Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the CRM for your business to grow from, have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider implementing it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offers Convenience

Thanks to cloud technology, Dynamics 365 can be accessed by all employees wherever they are in the world, making it very convenient for all businesses to operate. If you have an employee that is trying to close a sale from out of the office environment, they can quickly enter updates in the CRM and your employees who aren’t out in the field will be able to see updates there and then. It’s one of the best benefits that Dynamics 365 offers and it’s a benefit that will make your business more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Your Employees Do Their Jobs

Microsoft has long been a lover of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and because of this, they have found ways to implement it into the main dynamics CRM design. If you’ve used one of the latest Windows instalments such as Windows 10 you will have noticed the helpful Cortana feature. Cortana is a predictive artificial intelligence feature that helps you work on Windows, and that has been implemented into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Along with the implementation of Cortana, Power BI has also been added in the hope it will help employees undertake their work much quicker.

Many Apps for Different Business Purposes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with many apps that both customers and employees can benefit from. Whether you’re in the finance, support, or sales department, Dynamics 365 has an app for every operation of the business. Business process management is much easier with the use of apps at your disposal so you’ll know you have an app to manage each process.

Built for Microsoft Outlook

If your business relies on the use of Outlook to connect and contact partners and consumers you’ll love the fact Dynamics CRM 365 is built for Outlook. You’ll be able to have all of your contacts and sales client information situated in one place for your salespeople to take advantage of.

Quickly Turn Data into Information

Not only does Dynamics 365 work closely with Outlook and many other Microsoft products but it also works closely with Microsoft Excel, which is important for any data-reliant business to succeed. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you’ll be able to turn your Excel spreadsheets data into informational charts and graphs on the fly.

Dynamics 365 is becoming a popular CRM choice for many businesses around the world because of its ability to not only provide convenience but also a cloud-based system that all employees will benefit from.

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