Business Web Design Tips For Beginners

Web design is not equivalent to rocket science, and there are hundreds of how-to’s all over the internet at your disposal 24 hours a day.  With enough effort and drive to get the job done, most competent professionals have the ability to create a successful website design.  

The main way to travel down the path to web design guru is research.  Start your journey now, and check out a few key factors of a well-built business website.  

Create a “Blog” section for quality content

You need a “Blog” section in the design of your website for many reasons.  A blog will draw in more visitors.  A blog will serve as a foundation for the erection of a tangled weave of backlinks, as it will also serve as a medium between your organization and the world of social media.  

Spend time perfecting your business blog, and it will serve you well.  Like this example website has shown, make sure to include social media share buttons, and an intriguing call-to-action with each well-written blog post.  Though the writing is important, strategic design is also very important.  

Integrate social media whenever possible

Just like you should in your blog, you need to find ways to integrate social media into other areas of your website as well.  Something as simple as a few social media share buttons discreetly placed in the top corner of the site’s homepage could make a marked difference in your site’s success.  

Linking your website to social media opens up an immense world of digital activity, and you want to be a part of it all.  This example article is also a great site example of how to discreetly work sharing into the overall design of your website.  

Make communication easy for visitors

When we users visit your website, they should have no problem finding a way to be in contact with your business.  As a matter of fact, visitors should be presented with the option to share their thoughts and experiences regarding your organization.  

Design your own “Contact Us” page on the website, but go one step further to encourage communication with your online audience.  Add a small contact form at the bottom of your homepage.  

Mobile optimization will boost visibility

There is no excuse for a business website that does not cater to the mobile community.  More people access the internet from their mobile devices more often during the day than those who use their PCs or laptops for browsing.  

Design your website in such a manner that there is no pinching or swiping needed to adequately view your site on a cell phone.  Google’s search engine rewards those who stay up with the behavioral patterns of web users.  

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