Buying Replacement Parts For Your Apple Macbook

Apple MacBooks have become a ubiquitous tool for many professionals, especially those who work with film and audio, although professionals of all stripes count on them for their reliability and their operating system’s ease of use.

Launched in 2006, Macbooks have remained popular throughout the years, even though some drastic changes, such as the incorporation of an aluminum body to replace the original grey, then white plastic, and big advancements in screen technology such as retina screens.

Inevitably though, laptops break down, screws fall out and are lost, screens wear out, and replacement parts are needed. Here are a few ways to deal with getting the parts you need to keep your MacBook in tip-top shape.

When buying Apple MacBook parts, it’s important to first address the problem at hand. Is a sticky keyboard the issue? Have the screws holding the underside of the Unibody casing fallen out? Is your fan stopping and starting, or making grating sounds?

Some of the more common problems with faulty Macbooks include:

  • RAM issues preventing the Macbook from booting
  • Bad left I/O boards preventing the Macbook from switching on when plugged in
  • Bad power adapters keeping the Macbook from charging
  • Bad thermal sensors or logic boards preventing the Macbook from booting
  • Dead battery
  • Corrupted operating system
  • Corrupted hard drives
  • Failing backlight in screen
  • Failing audio / video ports

For most issues, your first port of call will likely be Apple themselves. If you’ve purchased Applecare, you’ll likely find that many repairs are covered, but for some, the cost of the parts (logic boards especially) that you need will really add up. They may also not carry as many parts for older models, as they may have stopped supporting them. In these cases, you may have to go shopping for the relevant parts yourself.

It’s important to consider warranties when it comes to buying MacBook, or any computer parts, as the pieces that typically break down will likely do so again if you use the laptop long enough. While some business will offer extended warranties on the computer parts they sell, this level of service will often be reflected in a relatively high price tag.

A thriftier option would be to search eBay or other online marketplaces for a well-rated shop that carries the parts you need. This will almost always be cheaper than an online repair/parts business, but the tradeoff of saving is the diminished warranty service that you’ll receive, with many stores offering replacement parts, “As-is.”

Wherever you choose to buy from, be it an established store or an online marketplace trader, check reviews from past customers, either on reviews sites such as Trustpilot, or on the marketplace’s own feedback system. You can help to avoid the disappointment and frustration that comes with poor customers service (especially when buying online) by avoiding stores and traders with a history of poor feedback, and rewarding those that have earned positive reviews through a history of good customer service.

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