How Can You Stop Your Business Laptops Overheating?

A modern business runs via computer, and more and more business devices are laptops instead of desktops. They’re great for portability, but one issue they sometimes suffer from is overheating. An overheated laptop can shut down automatically to prevent damage, which often results in a loss of work. In some cases, the device can break completely when it is allowed to overheat.

So, you should understand that keeping your company’s laptops from overheating is important. Here are just a few ways to protect them.

Have Your Devices Cleaned

Laptops use internal fans to cool themselves. Unfortunately, intake grilles and exhaust ports often suck in dust. That dust coats internal components, trapping heat, and clogs the fan. You can open up your laptops by yourself, but it’s a lot easier and safer to have them professionally serviced once every few months.

Keep Work Devices on Hard, Flat Surfaces

The cool air your laptop’s fan sucks in to cool internal components usually comes through the base, which is great if you keep your laptop on a hard, flat surface. However, plenty of people still place their devices on less even surfaces. This impairs the flow of cool air, so heat builds up. Even worse, the fan needs to keep working harder to pull in air, so it may break itself.

Use Laptop Coolers or Pads

One of the most practical ways of preventing overheating is providing your employees with laptop coolers or cooling pads. Coolers are trays or stands with additional fans included, while cooling pads simply keep the surface your laptop is resting on from heating up.

Research Software Fixes

Finally, make sure you consider possible software issues. Excessive heat is usually caused by an overactive CPU, so you might be able to avoid it simply by reducing the CPU clock speed of your company devices or using less intensive software.


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