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Capturing Videos From Any Websites to Watch Offline with Movavi Screen Capture

Watching videos on websites can be a lot of fun, and you may get a chuckle or two out of some of the funny videos out there or learn something useful from the more informative ones. In fact it is safe to say that there may be some videos that you tend to watch frequently, either because you find them entertaining or because they are helpful in some other way.

As you probably know all too well, when you want to watch videos on websites you need to be online in order to stream them. From time to time that can be inconvenient, which is why you may want to save them so that you could watch them offline instead. While most websites won’t provide you with a way to do so, all you really need to do is use Movavi Screen Capture to record the video directly from your screen and save it afterwards.

Of course you’re probably not going to want to record the whole screen, or even the entire browser window – so you’ll need to set Movavi Screen Capture to only record the area where the video is going to be playing. To do that you can draw a frame over it using the mouse cursor and then adjust it so that it fits. If you prefer after you’ve drawn the initial frame you can select one of the preset sizes that are in a list, but it may not fit perfectly if that is the case.

If you would like a more detailed explanation you can head over to but it really is quite straightforward.

Whenever you are ready you can then start recording, just be aware that there is a 5 second delay after the recording button is pressed and take it into account before playing the website video. While the recording is going on you can manage it either using the on-screen controls or hotkeys and will be able to pause (F9) or stop (F10) as you see fit. The difference between pausing and stopping is simple – when you pause you can resume recording later, but if you stop it then Movavi Screen Capture will consider the recording complete and automatically save it as a MKV video.

After the recording is complete and you stop it, Movavi Screen Capture will display a preview window that will let you review the recording and trim out any unwanted bits. Furthermore it will let you save your video when you’re done, and that is where you can choose a different format if you require or use the presets that are available to automatically utilize the best possible format and video settings for a specific device.

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