Common Misconceptions of the Geek Lifestyle

It can be so irritating to be stereotyped as a geek by someone who doesn’t have the slightest clue about what the geek lifestyle entails; so let’s take some time to debunk some of the most common misconceptions of the geek lifestyle.


All geeks are abnormally smart

What makes a geek unique is not an unusually high IQ; it’s more or less the fact that they’re fanatical about the object of their obsession (which may range from World of WarCraft to Blackberry cell phones). Geeks are willing to do anything and everything to stay up to date with the latest news about their obsessions. Geeks are often great resources on a specific topic, but don’t assume that just because a geek can tell you exactly how many elements are on the periodic table that they’ll also be able to assist you with your algebra.

All geek’s don’t share the same interests. You may bump into a geek with a pop-culture obsession one day and meet a geek the very next day who has zero interest in pop culture but can keep you up to date on the latest conspiracy theories.

So while the geek sitting next to you in class may have all of the details about the newest iPhone release, or the lives of each Star Trek cast member memorized, it may not be the best idea to sneak a peek at their geography final and assume you’ll pass with flying colors.

Geeks don’t know how to have fun

While a geek’s idea of fun may not be the same as his jock classmate’s, that doesn’t mean geek’s are anti-social creatures that refuse to laugh or have a good time. Depending on exactly what their geeky obsession may be, geeks have plenty of time for their own kind of fun (think all night video gaming parties or Lord of the Rings marathons).

Geeks are not new to the party scene either, and have just as many bad habits as the rest of us. Being a geek doesn’t mean that you’re immune to making poor decisions, or partying a little too hard. Everyone has a different idea of what is fun to them, and geeks may even be more in tune with what they find enjoyable due to their obsessive nature over specific things.

All geeks look the same

It’s a common visual in movies, commercials, and other types of media to see a geek who is: male, wearing high-water pants, and has some sort of outdated glasses. While it’s easy to assume that every geek may look like this, this stereotype is far from the truth. With the common day definition of a geek not being defined by poor style or outdated clothes, it’s accurate to say that geek’s aren’t all dressed the same, and it may take more than a glance for someone to determine whether or not another person is a geek.

Since being a geek is all about having a clear obsession and a passion for staying up to date on all the information about that obsession, a geek could be disguised as a cute girl with great style who also just happens to love Justin Bieber and runs a fangirl web page all about him, or there could be a geek disguised as a man in a business suit who spends most of his time both at work and at home reading and memorizing marvel comics. So don’t be surprised when you meet a geek who isn’t wearing the standard geek outfit.

It’s easy to begin stereotyping and making quick assumptions; especially about the less understood groups of people such as the geeks and the nerds of the world, but really getting a clear understanding of what it means to be a geek can be a huge eye-opener.

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