Common Problems Encountered During IT Meetings and How To Solve Them

When you think about the technology that is continually introduced into the world of organizations and operations management in general, you already know that individuals everywhere will have a tremendous time with transferring information. IT professionals traditionally love to learn more about the newest tech and the latest gear, but there are a lot more item that also need to be considered. Keep in mind that an IT meeting is not just like normal procedural meetings. That’s why you need to keep the following ideas in mind:


Make The Meeting About Them

Considered to be one of the most important meeting topics by Waking Up The Workplace, the biggest key with IT people is to get them onboard. Many IT professionals don’t deal in the world of corporate management. They don’t want to constantly monitor the processes nor do they want to stare at graphs and spreadsheets. That’s exactly why what you want to do is figure out what makes them tick, target their intelligence and ability, and then make the meeting about them. If they don’t know why they are even a part of the meeting, then they will never contribute to their full ability. Furthermore, if you have them feeling like the meeting they’re in is a hostage-type situation, they won’t want to do the job you pay them to do. That’s why if you are going to have an IT focused meeting, then you need to make sure you are making the meeting IT-based.

Allow Employees Resources In Front Of Their Fingers

If you give your employees at a traditional meeting the opportunity to be able to see charts, graphs, and other figures, then as you are discussing the material individuals can look it up. However, when you think about how the IT professionals will traditionally operate, then you will realize that they are far more likely to jump in and do their own research on their own. They can’t just sit and stare at charts. They will want to actually go over the programs, look into the technology, and experiment with it as well. The best way to achieve this is by using a video meeting solution for IT like BlueJeans in order to be able to take part in the meeting but still have their computer screens right in front of them.

Cut Out The Long Windedness

As discussed by Work 911, one of the largest problems that individuals face is the fact that no matter how well you perform as a speaker, you can always improve. Too many people will just try to display notes and bullet points without actually telling the story of the information. No-one wants to be read to in the corporate world. That being said, there are also a significant number of people who will think that a meeting or a presentation is a place to become long winded. You can’t do this because people don’t want to listen to you continuing to go on and on. You also can’t keep going on forever because even if you captivate your audience in the presentation, you are losing money for the company by not letting your coworkers get back to work! Make sure you keep things simple and to the point and you will have a much easier time when it comes to transferring information.

Involve The Silent Crowd

Even though some people just want to be left alone and they like to be introverted, everyone is in a business meeting for a reason. You have to consider that each and every person is not only there because they have some sort of knowledge to assist the group with, but they are also an additional set of eyes and ears, and at worst could wind up playing the devil’s advocate in order to make the project more cohesive. When you think about the silent people in any given meeting, you could be inviting them to join and speak up, which is always good for corporate culture to encourage others to be included. And, if they simply don’t have anything to add and don’t wish to participate, then you need to think about whether or not it’s more productive to excuse them from the meeting and have them get back to their own work.

When you are trying to figure out the very best practices for getting your next meeting off of the ground, then you just need to consider these few tips. You may realize that there are many individuals in your company who could help even more than they currently do, but you must create an environment and a meeting setting in which they can thrive. Figure out the way to communicate best with your IT team, and you can potentially enjoy great response and success.

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