Computer Science Student?

Which Programming Languages will help you get the Dream Job.

As a computer science student, the languages studied should cover the major paradigms of programming; procedural, object oriented, and dynamic. In order to maximise your job opportunities, the languages you learn should be ones that are able to teach you about the core concepts which are interchangeable throughout each language.   

For a student or a starting programmer, choosing languages that are useful for the workplace, easy to learn and valuable to employers can be a difficult task. The industry is a fast paced one and changes constantly, but some of the most important factors to look at for the majority of Computer Sciences students will include ease of learning and usefulness in future employment. And remember that all developers need to have a selection of languages at their fingertips, depending on the position they are aiming. There are unlimited job opportunities in the tech industry, however, it is advisable to master only a specific language or major. This will help you advance in your career as quickly as possible.

How easy is it to learn?

For beginners a dynamic language is better, one that takes away a lot of what goes on under the surface, and will enable you to build programs quickly and with less code. This is useful for beginners as it can help you to achieve faster immediate results and stay motivated as you progress. Popular languages include: Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

How Valuable is it to employers?

Depending on your plans for the future and reasons for learning to code, you might want to consider future value to employers before you decide on the programming path to follow. For example, are you aiming to work as a junior developer and build your skills ‘on the job’, do you have an idea for a business startup that you want to bring to life, or are you simple creating programs for fun?

Why is it valuable?

Value could also depend on the popularity of the language – if there are fewer developers for hire this drives up both salaries and the number of new trainees. Some languages that are more popular with corporates can demand higher salaries due to both the nature of the end employment and the fact that most popular languages tend to be those focused on sectors that are perceived to lead to work in more exciting environments like gaming, social media and entertainment. If having a high salary is your end goal then it’s useful to check out how much developers can make on relevant job boards and developer forum sites like Codementor.

Which languages to choose?

Swift, Objective C and Java continue to gain popularity with learners due to the demand from employers for developers with mobile skills.

Python is is a high level general purpose language, that enforces good programming habits, and code readability. It has a multitude of uses, from desktop and web apps to data mining. Python is in high demand in industry and is a great language for beginners to learn.

Java – the most popular programming language of 2018 (according to the TIOBE Index) and widely used within industry, Java has many characteristics that make it a worthwhile language to learn and is used by many developers with in the workplace. It is designed to be portable, so it can be found on many platforms, devices and operating systems. Android apps are built using Java and it is used as a server-side language for backend development that can be used across multiple platforms.

C remains one of the world’s most popular languages and is widely used professionally.

C++ – a ‘superset’ of C, uses object oriented and generic features, and is widely used by large organizations. It is criticised by some for its complexity but remains in the top three.

C# is a language that can be used by every platform, from IOS and android apps, Linux and mac, the language is versatile and corporate friendly – making it a popular choice for employers. Although complex, this language allows learners to get a very good understanding of programming paradigms.

Objective C – is an object-oriented programming language widely used for apple software and app development before Swift and still considered necessary for anyone planning to work in iOS.

Ruby – open source and one of the most popular global languages is loved by developers for its ease of access and flexibility. Large websites such as Airbnb, Pixlr and Bloomberg for example were coded with Ruby and it’s a popular choice for startup projects where speed is important. For learners the code is also easy to read and the development community is large and very supportive.

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