Conquering New Year’s Resolutions Like a Geek

Each year, we as a species attempt to do better and be better versions of ourselves. For at least the first three months of the past year we were dedicated to changes we committed to making for the better and as time went on, we usually realized that we either overestimated ourselves or what we reached for was impossible from the get-go.

As we see out another old year and welcome a new one, we muster up the strength to try one more time to make improvements on perfection. Below are three resolutions that the average geek would be considered a god if they could conquer.

I will make sure to try to eat one green thing a week.

As any self-respecting geek will tell you, there are only three needed food groups for survival. A genuine geek has to have caffeine. Those long days at the office that follow the allnighters playing Minecraft or D & D can drag you down without that added boost.

A geek also needs sugar to survive. Sugar creates an environment perfect for the average geek to invent new ways to kill a gnoll or build an impenetrable fortress capable of squelching any hopes a nether dragon might have.

Lastly, anything with cheese is considered a godsend. Cheese sticks, cheese pizza, squeeze cheese, and mac n cheese are gourmet meals to a dedicated geek. To make a resolution to eat at least one green thing a week is monumental, but doable.

Conquering this commitment will not only help you grow more healthy but bring an added sense of accomplishment to your life.

I will do something in the sun at least once a month.

Geeks are not vampires. We just don’t see the point in playing video games outside. Fresh air is not necessary for shooting members of the Horde or binge-watching the original Star Trek series. We can bench press the quadratic equation like it’s as light as air, but physical exercise is of the devil.

However, there are several benefits to stepping outside the door and enjoying some sunshine. Besides, a little vitamin D is a great substitute for a lack of caffeine. Who knows. You may even enjoy it enough to get out in it more than once a month and driving to work does not count.   

I will make an attempt not to totally shame my co-workers.

In the day to day routine at work, no matter where it is that you are employed, you will always seem to surpass those around you. The average geek is more observant of his/her surroundings, can remember loads more of information that the average Joe, and have the ability to navigate deadlines as easy as popping the top off the 14th Dr. Pepper.

In our journey to perfect our skills as the most talented employee, we can occasionally make others feel inferior and useless. Make an attempt to include your co-workers in on the early observations.

Use your talented brain to help them attain that valued place where they can feel as confident as you do about how to perform your job. Just make sure to do it from a place of humility and not a superiority complex. 

The new year will bring exciting new challenges and adventures that will continue to mold the person we are meant to become. Make as many resolutions as you want and reach for the sky.

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Hello there!

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