Create Slow-mo effect in your video without special cameras with Movavi Video Editor

Do you have to create a slow-mo effect in your amateur video? That’s cool. Slow motion effects are great to show special scenes with more poise for better understanding for viewers. There are special slow-mo cameras to create such masterpieces. However, those advanced cameras are usually too pricey. However, you can stop worrying about such price issues as Movavi Video Editor will help you to achieve that desired effect without a special camera. It’s a cutting edge video editor and it can easily slow down video without burning your pocket.

Here is how easily you can slow down your video with Movavi Video Editor.

Step 1

Download & install Movavi Video Editor in your system.

Step 2

Next, launch your video file and click on Create project in full feature mode. Then, click on Add Media Files & upload your video where you want to add slow motion effect.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to add your desired effect to your video. Click on Clip Properties & move Speed slider right to left. It will reduce the pace of the clip. The more you push the slider to your left, slower will be the clip.

Step 4

If you want to convert your video into any video format, you can do that by clicking on Export tab. Click on it and choose the needed format.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

Performs all essential editing tasks

  • Crops unwanted parts and allows addition of new clips to existing video
  • Adds filters, transitions, callouts and titles
  • Comes with a great bunch of special effects

Converts videos in popular formats

Movavi Video Editor is not just about video editing. It can also convert video into any popular video format. It’s to note here the Movavi program supports mobile presets too so that you can convert the video for playing in smartphones.

Easy to use

Despite all the advanced functionalities, Movavi Video Editor is never too tough to operate. Yes, the program carries a breezy interface and is extremely easy to operate.

Useful tips for users

When you change the pace of the clip, it will also change the pace of audio track playing in the background. If you don’t want to reduce speed of audio, Movavi Video Editor enables you to keep the audio speed intact. To ensure the audio stays in original speed, mute the audio track through Mute icon while applying the slow effect to visual clip. Then, add original video to Movavi timeline. Click on audio & drag it right to Audio Track. Now, place it under your first video. Next, delete your 2nd video.

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