Dating Tips Geeks Can’t Live Without

Even geeks and nerds want love, but they often want love from someone that understands their quirks and obsessions. If you collect action figures you probably don’t want to date someone that calls them dolls or toys, and knows the importance of keeping them in their packaging.


So, how do you find the right geek perfect partner? Well, it helps to know how to find folks with similar interests, or at least find ones that have a passing fancy. This way you can at least know they’ll respect the collect, and the obsession.

Plan The Perfect Geek Date

Your first date with anyone should be something that introduces you both to someone each other likes, whether it’s a favorite restaurant for one of you and a favorite nightclub for the other. When it comes to being a geek going on a date, you can’t lose by taking your date out on a geeky adventure.

Of course, the perfect geek date will obviously depend on what type of geek you are. It could mean a trip to the comic book store, where you can learn what comic books each of you like the most. It could mean going to a comic book convention, or even an anime convention, if there is one going on. This can be a super fun date idea, and a great chance to get to know each other’s geeky side.

Find Out Their Geek Level

These first date ideas are a great way to find out the geek level of your potential mate. You may find that they have no fun at all doing the geeky things that you enjoy, which could be a deal breaker. Especially if you are looking for your Princess Leia for your yearly comic con visits!

Just because a potential significant other isn’t as into the things you are as you’d like them to be doesn’t mean you couldn’t be a great couple. Plus, you may spike a new interest for them when you both enjoy your respective loves together.

Do Something Nerdy Together

If you already know your date is into the things you are into, go all out for your first date. Dress up as your favorite comic book characters if you are going to a comic con. Make a plan to see the latest superhero movie together and then spend some time talking about the differences between the movie and the original comic book series.

Obviously this is a tip for those that already know their date is into the same things. You can bond over all the great geekiness, and maybe find a great new relationship budding. And, if not, you might at least have a new friend to go to free comic book day with you.

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