Deep sleep under a therapeutic weighted blanket

Therapeutic qualities of weighted blankets provide men with sound sleep they deserve. Geek’s life is not easy. Hours spent in front of a computer, stressful job, no sport. Health problems are guaranteed. According to the medical research made by John Sarano, New Your University of Medicine Proffesor, more than 540 million people suffer back pain. It is proved that high-tech exaggerates the problem. Firstly, the way you sit at a computer. Incorrect posture may cause scoliosis. Secondly, the way you hold your phone. Scientist started using a new name to describe plague of people addicted to their phones. “Texting back” is the reason of chronic neck pain, disc herniation or muscle spasm. In general, back pain is the most common job-related disability. Moreover, it affects your work-free days.

Resolution? The weighted blanket. How does it help? There is some extra weight added to the blanket, which pushes the user’s body downwards and stimulates a deep touch pressure. This gentle pressure is distributed throughout the men’s body and minimalizes back and neck pain, calms the nervous system thus improving sleep quality which next influences the general quality of existence during demanding men’s day.

The impression made can be described as close to being hugged.

Choosing the right blanket

The blanket has to be perfectly tailored to the needs of its user. First of all, it is recommended to consult the intention to use it with the physician, especially in case someone suffers from scoliosis, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. The weight of the blanket should be around 10% of the user’s body, but the size has to be carefully chosen in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect. A wide selection of blankets is offered by the company Senso-Rex, which can be found at https://sensorex.com/gb/. The blankets are made of top quality materials and fabrics, which are non-allergenic, natural and breathable. What is more, it is possible to choose the pattern which will fit into our style.

For sure sleeping under therapeutic weighted blanket is not a method that will eliminate all geek’s medical problems. The most important thing is to change habits and remember about right posture. But when you are looking for a solution that helps to relieve pain this is a product for you.

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