Why Is the Design of HTML Forms So Important to a High-Quality Web Design?

Any good designer will design forms within Adobe Photoshop (or equivalent), rather than letting the programmer work their magic when the design is complete. Others, however, try to cut corners when it comes to longer tasks such as form design and they will just leave that area blank. It may seem unrealistic, but it’s what a lot of low-quality designers do. Certain designers hope that the programmer will come up with something when it comes to CSS design – but it’s not the right way of doing things – or it’s at least not the way top designers do things. Why are HTML forms so important to a website’s overall design?

An HTML Form Can Make a Beautiful Website Look Ugly

If you’ve ever visited a site before and your chin has almost hit the floor because your mind is blown by how beautiful it looks, but then you scroll down a little to see an ugly HTML form that looks like it was designed by a 4-year old – you’re instantly put off by the site overall. It’s the simple elements of web design that can really make or break it – and there are so many beautiful designs online that are wasted because the designer hasn’t spent time on the simple elements. If you pay attention to the design of your HTML forms, it will really help your web design overall.

Well Designed Forms Get More Attention

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if your HTML forms are well designed, they are going to get a lot more attention than ones that aren’t. Realistically, if you already have a client base and your clients are looking for support via a contact form, the design of the form isn’t really going to matter because they need to contact you anyway. However, if your form is for pre sales questions, the design is going to matter a lot – the design of a form can truly be the difference in getting new clients and not getting any at all.

Simple Forms Work Wonders

If you have a look at theemailfinder.co you’ll quickly see why their email services get used a lot. The form is very simple and is easy on the eye. Colors that stick out like a sore thumb don’t usually give forms the attention they deserve, so it’s always worth spending the extra time in designing them in detail and with subtle colors. It’s also always worth making revisions of form designs so you can see what forms will look like when the cursor is in and out of the input areas.

A lot of designers really don’t see how the details of contact forms matter, but it truly is the difference between a design looking out of this world and one that looks ugly. Having a CSS programmer come in to make the forms look beautiful can work, but it’s always wise to plan and design forms in design programs, as you are likely to get a much better design out of it overall.

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