How a Digital Transformation Can Improve Communications

Modern business has changed. If you want to survive in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential you adapt your internal services to meet external demand. While your company might be cautious of a digital transformation, it is essential to move a business into the future, otherwise your company will be left behind.

A company’s success is no longer determined by a single channel. It is now determined by how effectively a business can communicate though multiple channels, customer touchpoints and also its ability to successfully and cost effectively manage supply chain, with the aim of meeting consumer demand and expectation.

Success could therefore be deemed a collaborative effort, with a client depending as much on their supplier as the supplier depends on their client. For a relationship to work, companies and suppliers must now come together more efficiently to communicate and collaborate on a business objective, and a digital transformation can help you to do so.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Communication

While email, telephone and faxes were once common business practices, they are becoming as integral to technology as a video recorder. In a world defined by innovative technologies, the traditional modes of communication will no longer cut the mustard, as they can restrict collaboration and slow down internal productivity.

With companies realising the benefits of a digital transformation, many are integrating a variety of innovative technologies into their operations to improve communications with their suppliers.

Supplier Portals

Why live in a world of filing, telephone calls and follow-up emails, when you can manage all action purchase orders, quality notifications, material forecasting, KPIs and historical data in one safe and secure location?

With the world moving towards new technology, it is no surprise that many larger businesses have opted for SAP. This allows them to go through digital transformation with one platform in place. In our example of supply chain management, utilising a system such as an SAP Supplier Portal would have huge benefits, offering real-time communications between a client and their supplier.

For instance, Weaveability’s Omnia SAP B2B Supplier Portal enables easy communication between a supplier and client. This innovative technology improves efficiency in the supply chain by effectively managing all aspects of client and supplier communication

Not only will this eliminate the need for internal administration, but it can also provide a greater level of organisation between a business and its supplier, whilst ensuring a supplier can continually meet a company’s objectives. This can therefore create a more harmonious working relationship with mutually beneficial advantages, such as improved productivity and a reduction in overheads.

Easy to Use Interface

Many organisations fear a digital transformation, believing they will be forced to handle complex systems that are beyond their technological comprehension. However, many technology providers understand the need for simplified platforms, so are developing their digital touchpoints to cater to both technology aficionados and the tech-phobic.


A digital transformation can determine a company’s success in the future. With many organisation’s adopting new technologies into their daily operations, your business could soon be left in their shadow. Certified software, such as the supplier portal, should be be an integral part of digital transformation, so it is certainly a great place to start your journey into the digital age.

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