All Drones are Not Created Equal: A Beginner’s Mini Guide to Buying and Flying

Many share in the excitement of drone flying yet drones do not share the same features, sizes, and opportunity for modifications. Therefore, a beginner needs a guide to understand the basics of flying in addition to the differences between types. Here’s a brief guide so you can make solid buying and flying decisions.

Ease of Use

This is a concept that’s not always thought about when a beginner buys a drone. Consider the learning curve involved in buying a particular model. For example, yes, cheaper and ‘beginner’ drones lack some bells and whistles as well as features that enhance performance. That’s not to be mean to beginners; it’s because most novices can’t use the advanced features or lack the skill to utilize them.

Ready to Fly

Drones are categorized by their readiness to take to the skies and are labeled RTF, ARF, and BNF. The acronyms represent conditions ranging from ‘ready to fly’ to ‘almost ready to fly.’ BNF means bind and fly and regards drones that necessitate a separate controller. Such can complicate things since a controller and a drone’s receiver could be on the same frequency yet lack the same manufacturer protocol- meaning they won’t work together.

Invest in Quality

No one wants to spend money they don’t have or more money than they have to. Thus, drones and accessories are priced accordingly. You could get away with bare necessities yet you may regret being too frugal to start. For example, most experts tell beginners to invest in a quality controller and charger. If you’re too economical, you adhere to the age old maxim of getting what you pay for.

Do More Research

Be patient and fight the urge to buy without doing more research. The good news is that the Internet hosts plenty of places to purchase quality and well priced models. You can find the most affordable drones under 200 dollars that will provide you with a taste of flying and give you a better idea of where you would like to take your hobby.

Ask Questions

Don’t be shy in sparking conversation with those you see flying. Also, begin reading on site reviews and asking questions within online drone forums. The only dumb question is the one you want to ask but don’t. Conversely, don’t follow the interests of other fliers; gather information and then purchase a drone that is most likely to provide you with the greatest enjoyment. That could be a mini sized beginner model, a larger quad, etc.

You Can Make Money

Those who are truly dedicated understand that flying starts to become an ongoing hobby and necessitates a bit of investment. However, you can make money from your hobby with a bit of ingenuity, dedication, and capitalization on opportunities around you. For example, you may have several marketing agencies in your area that would be interested in paying freelance rates for those who can take aerial photos for clients.

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