Employing a web security company

If we’ve learned anything about cyber security in recent years, it’s that hackers are becoming more of a threat than ever before.

Major international companies such as Microsoft, AOL, and eBay have all been victims of internet security breaches.


If you’ve been casual about your online security, now might be the time to change your ways. Rather than risk your online reputation, perhaps consider hiring a website security firm to take care of the intricate details required to protect websites and digital information from being hacked, stolen or otherwise invaded.

A global leader in comprehensive website security, SiteLock protects upwards of eight million client sites and has dozens of partnerships with leading businesses. While rumors of a SiteLock Scam surface occasionally, their partnerships with companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator and Network Solutions and the millions of satisfied and protected clients speaks to their abilities and commitment to online security.

SiteLock offers a comprehensive five-point approach to protecting their client’s online assets. They find, fix, prevent, accelerate and comply, ensuring your online business is protected and safe for consumers.

Find: Complete Malware & Vulnerability Scanning

Malware is usually installed on a website by hackers who locate weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the coding of the site. Malware is employed for many reasons including spreading viruses, stealing personal or financial information, and even hijacking your computer. SiteLock scans each and every of its over 8,000,000 websites daily to detect any malware and possible vulnerabilities that will cause you issues.

Fix: Remove Malware Automatically

Using an anti-virus program called SiteLock911, SiteLock’s team of web security experts locate and delete all malware from the websites files as soon as it is discovered.

Prevent: Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

An easy 5-minute set-up, the SiteLock TrueShield Web Application Firewall will protect your websites from malicious traffic and corrupting requests. In addition, the website firewall keeps the sites secure from bots and targeted attacks.

Accelerate: Rapid Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In today’s fast-moving marketplace it is imperative your site outperforms everyone else. A slow loading site can lead to high bounce rates, diminished views, loss of income and abandoned carts. The SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network increases your site’s page loading speed through its global network of data centers. By hosting content near to the users of the site, pages loads quicker and more efficiently.

Comply: Become PCI Compliant Fast

If your business accepts payments from credit cards, it must be PCI Compliant. The SiteLock® PCI compliance program is the fastest and easiest way to meet PCI security requirements. When you add SiteLock’s TrueShield to your site, you receive additional security against targeted cyber-attacks and you will meet PCI requirement 6.6 immediately.

Website security means 360’ protection in all aspects of your website. SiteLock has the technology and the expertise to handle everything. From daily scanning,  and automatic malware removal, to their web app firewall, a global CDN for a rapid loading website and their around the clock customer support. Their Trust Seal demonstrates to visitors that your website is secure, increasing consumer confidence and ultimately your ROI.

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