Everything Your Company Needs When it Comes to IT

No matter the size of your company, you’ll likely have several bases to cover when it comes to IT. Printers, computers, servers, internet, email and data backup. In all areas of IT, there are options for specialized support, or a company that can take care of all your IT needs. The size of your company and the equipment you need to be covered will factor into what kind of support you opt for. These are some of the main areas to cover, and the best options for each.

Data Backup

Losing important data can seriously interfere with business. It’s always advisable to have essential data stored in multiple locations in case of theft or hard drive damage. Cloud storage is probably the best option, as all data is backed up regularly off-site. Some IT service companies, like Firewall Technical, offer data backup as part of their package.


Most ISPs will take care of a problem if you report it – but usually only if the fault is from their side. If the issue stems from anywhere inside your offices, it’s “not their problem”. For this reason, having IT support who can take care of any network related issues is a great plus.


Some office printers come with a service plan, slightly different from the warranty – which could be anything from 6 months to 2 years. This means that for the set period, the manufacturer will fix most product defects. Once you exceed your service plan, it’s ideal to have a techie who can quickly determine whether the printing problems lie with the computer or the printer and fix the problem either way.

Desktop Support

Remote support from your IT company can be a huge time saver and reduces the need for callouts. Again, it makes it easy for techs to find the source of the problem and resolve it quickly. They can also work through more problems in a day by connecting remotely, rather than physically moving from one office or computer to another.

Mobile Management

If any of your employees or managers spend a lot of time out of the office, making sales or meeting clients, working off a mobile will help with productivity. When you’re out of the office and still need to do office work, a mobile device like a PDA, smartphone or tablet can come in handy. Find an IT service that will set up and manage mobile devices too.

Server Management

Servers are a lot more complicated than your average computer, so if your company is running off at least one central server, chances are you’ll need a pro to manage it. If your IT company can manage your server for you, it’s a real bonus that doesn’t entail hiring someone for just one task.

If you can find a great IT support company who can take care of all your day to day hassles, things should run a little smoother, and you won’t need to call in a different tech for every problem.

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