Filling in the Skills Gap on the Production Floor with Machine Tending

One way to improve your current automated production line is through robotic machine tending. This ensures that your automation works better. More importantly, it helps to keep your business in good shape.

Machine tending simply refers to the robot loading raw material for the machine to implement its procedure. The robot then extracts the finished part and then loads again. This process is repeated for as long as you need it to be.

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

This collaborative robot application comes with benefits such as the following:

  • It facilitates extreme improvement of uptimes
  •  Considerably boosts accuracy
  •  Enhances repeatability

Repetitive Tasks    

A worker is likely to get distracted or bored when they have to perform a task repeatedly for a long time. The possibility of errors is very high in this instance. In addition, they run the risk of injury. Robots are not encumbered with such limitations.

Hence, robotic machine tending enhances repeatability. Moreover, it repeats the same process with precision; a feat that would be impossible for a human to achieve. Robots are also a lot more accurate as their margin of error is less.

Chances of the final product having imperfections are greatly reduced. Correspondingly, there are fewer callbacks and repairs which results in more money for the business. Robots are also able to exchange parts faster and more precisely than a human operator.

Enhancing Safety in the Workplace

Robotic machine tending enhances safety in the workplace. There are tasks that pose threats to workers’ physical wellbeing. Pick-and-place tasks, for instance, may sound simple enough. However, wrong posturing can cause muscular-skeletal disorders that could land a worker in the ER.

In addition, the repeated motions, especially over a long period of time, can cause muscle-related injuries. Muscle pulls and other painful conditions can hinder as well as slow down production. Machine tending provides much-needed solutions to these problems.

More Work Gets Done

While your robot will need to stop occasionally for maintenance, it still covers a lot more ground than a human would. This is because it continues to boost throughput. Workers would need to take breaks every few workers but robots work nonstop without making errors.

Lowers Operation Costs

Automation also helps to lower operating costs as well as saving space. Robots allow workers to focus on more meaningful and fulfilling tasks.

Solves the Problem of High Employee Turnover

Factories are sometimes faced with high employee turnover especially when they need workers for certain tasks. Many workers eventually find better positions and move on leaving you to begin searching all over again.

Robots will not be sending out applications or demanding raises and promotions. They are used to fill in the gaps left by workers. Moreover, they provide a permanent solution. All they require is constant maintenance to keep them running at their best and your turnover problem is permanently solved.


Whatever you can conjure up for the production floor, there is a robotic solution that can be provided. Machine tending collaborative robots are designed and programmed to perform multiple tasks. In addition, they come equipped with flexible grippers.

Robots can, therefore, be adapted for many tasks on the production floor. In addition, grippers can be installed above in order to serve two machines simultaneously. Machine tending is applicable for applications such as the following:

  • Injection molds
  • Grinding         
  • Milling and turning
  • Trimming and forging
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Compression molds


Applications in a large number of factories and manufacturing plants lack skilled labour. Machine tending is well-positioned to fill in this gap. Collaborative robots that perform machine tending applications can be programmed to perform certain tasks without operators.

This is one of the skill gaps that are being addressed in industries such as manufacturing and material handling companies. If skilled labour is not available, robotic machine tending fills in and gets the job done. 

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