Five Compelling Reasons Your Small Business Needs an Awesome Website

If you own a small business, you know every decision you make has to be filtered through the lens of risk versus reward. Success is partially built on a strict resolution to not spend money on things you don’t need. You may be thinking that a professionally-designed website is one of those extra expenses your company doesn’t really require. If you’ve been operating under this thinking, it’s time to look again. A professional website is essential for every business no matter how large or small. Here are five reasons your company needs a well-designed website.

1. Reach Potential Customers

Your business can only grow and succeed by attracting and keeping customers. No matter what industry you work in, chances are new clients will find out about your business through a web search. The vast majority of people use a search engine to look for local service providers and to find products to purchase. Without a website, most people won’t even know your business exists. Having a web presence is no longer optional, and the sooner you get your website up and running, the sooner you can attract new clients.

2. Trumpet Your Success

Having a beautiful and functional website gives you a platform to advertise your business success for free. You don’t have to wait for a local newspaper to run a profile on your recent success. Instead, use a portion of your website to highlight your business achievements. If you provide a service, you could set up a testimonials page to list positive customer feedback. If you sell a product, allow customers to submit “action” photos and post them on your page.

3. Encourage Constant Communication

Most communication these days happens through email or text. When you have a professionally-designed website with contact information, it allows your customers to engage with your business even when you aren’t actively in the “office.” Make sure your website clearly lists your email address and includes a contact page with a web form so people can easily submit their questions or requests. If it’s not easy for people to communicate with your business, chances are they will look for another provider.

4. Embrace E-Commerce

One of the biggest benefits of small business websites is that they set the stage for e-commerce. You can sell all kinds of products through the internet, and reach a far larger customer base than is possible with a traditional brick and mortar shop. E-commerce also works for businesses that provide services rather than goods. You can allow customers to purchase service packages, set appointments, and pay their invoices online.

5. Credibility

Having a beautiful website gives your business instant credibility. A web address is the modern equivalent of a business card. When you are telling people about your company, the best way to get all the important information across is to point them to the website and let it speak for you. Having a professional website also increases your chances of getting a business loan or line of credit.

No matter what industry your small business is a part of, you need to have an attractive and functional website. Having a professionally designed website gives you the chance to interact more with customers and tout your successes. The benefits far outweigh the investment, so now’s the perfect time to set up a website for your company.

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