Five Fun Outdoor Hobbies You May Want To Consider Getting Into

Outdoor hobbies can be fun, and for those that aren’t sports-minded, it can sometimes be hard to come up with ideas of something to do. Golf is less sporty, but still not for everyone. And not everyone has a green thumb or even enjoys gardening.

You could take up bird watching or photography, but with photography equipment can get expensive and you really need to have a good eye. You need good eyes for bird watching too! If you want an outdoor hobby that lets you do something fun while enjoying the outdoors, consider one of the following.

RC Cars

RC cars are definitely not just for kids. You can shell out a lot of money on these fun old school gadgets. You can get inexpensive ones or pricier ones, depending on what you’re into. You can even mod them out.

Make your own street car RC cars by changes out colors, adding different elements, and even putting in new motors. You can even get trucks and jeeps in RC style. If you enjoy “playing” with remote control vehicles there are all sorts of things that you can do.


If you want to get a little more in-depth and sophisticated with something that is somewhat remote control-like, you can get into drones. You can attach a camera to your drone and take cool videos or photos. Or, you can just have fun with the drone and see where you can fly it.

Drones do have some laws surrounding them because of their available uses and because of where they can fly and how far. Make sure that you know the laws in your area and don’t fly them anywhere that you aren’t supposed to.

Model Planes

If drones are a little too out of your league, or illegal where you live, you could get into model planes. Model planes are much like RC cars, but you fly them. You can do all sorts of things to mod them out and you can sometimes even make your own engines for them.

There are clubs out there for people that build their own model planes. It’s fun and educational, and you’ll be able to fly (the plane, at least).


Go fly a kite. If the rest of those options seem a little too technical for you, why not try kite flying. The most important thing you’ll need for this hobby is some open space where there are no power lines or trees to get snagged up on.


If you’re a beachgoer, why not build some sandcastles. There are even contest out there for building things in the sand. You don’t have to stick with just castles.

You could build different types of building, create people or animals, or make mythological creatures out of the sand. Simply use your imagination and have fun!

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